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I'm getting married in the morning...

Well, not tommorrow morning - some velvet morning in June next year instead...

In fact, 10th June 2006 - day after my 32nd birthday!!

We are both very very happy and so is 'Mrs Bennet' - Mike asked Dad formally on Friday whilst I took her plant shopping at the garden centre...!! We are also all settled in at the new flat now, nice black leather sofa etc etc and the cat has been going out and coming back successfully (there was an incident at Easter when she went hunting for pigeons and got a bit lost but is ok now)...

Have been doing lots of theatre stuff, Mike has been doing lots of music stuff and has a gig at the end of the month... I have a ton of college work that I should be getting on with, but we have been going to gigs and parties, watching Doctor Who and whatnot and we are now both now making plans for the future, wedding-wise and otherwise...

I suppose eleven years of crapness are finally paying off - well, 1996 to 2003/4 at least... Call it Karma or the Rule of Three or whatever but everything seems to be going right finally!!

*happy grin*

We've decided it will be a themed wedding - sort of a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and Dangerous Liasons. We don't want to spend too much - but I am going to be making my own dress... For this purpose I have just spent stupid money on Amazon... Oops - and missbumpkin will want to kill me for these too... (you can borrow babe):

The Little Corset Book (Little Costume Workbooks)

Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries

Costume in Detail: Women's Dress, 1730-1930

Patterns of Fashion 2 - Janet Arnold


So, as I STILL don't have internet at home (am doing laundry - bleh!), and REAL LIFE has finally caught up with me in spectacular fashion I shall urge my closest friends to text or email me instead to keep in contact as I'm not going to be bothered with livejournal an awful lot. Those of you who don't have my number or email can reply below and I'll be in touch when I can as I'm still dependant on being at mothers for teh interweb.

I can read emails on my phone anyway and LJ takes too much time and is such a shallow place sometimes...

I've become rather disillusioned with it of late - it is/was a useful tool for looking back and seeing how you've got places - which I needed for myself at one point - and it was also useful for keeping up with friends in other cities - but I have a mobile for that, and it feels like time to move on perhaps.

I'm just going to use it for random poetry, pictures and theatre/arts/gigs advertising and reviews in future I think.

*big hugs all round*

Elizabeth ;)

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