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Bills and Rants and Bills and... not much else, sorry!

Well ho hum. Back up at Mothers due to necessity - ie. lots of washing to do, kitty supplies to pick up and I needed to ring o2 and yell at them about how I was thinking of changing network as they've not sent me a bill for the second month in a row and cut me off for the second month in a row as a result...

Result? I've switched to direct debit, paying last months bill deferred until next month as there is nothing left in the piggybank... And I've been reconnected within two hours...

Swines - it took a LOT of phonework to get that done, but I cannot be stranded down at the flat with no phone, especially as Mike is back tommorrow then off on Thursday in a van to shift everything down; since I have no landline there I'd consider a mobile connection ESSENTIAL!!

Oh, and SWEB (remember the exe's arrears?) kindly informed me by post that because I missed last months payment (of not my debt but am still paying off) then it all had to be paid (380 quid left out of 500) asap or I get bailliffs and court action. Rang them up, gave them earache, am now paying 190 next month and 190 the month after...


In other news, I'm back on the Duty Obs team so I get to be in charge at work again. Will be on it tonight - huzzah!!

'part from that, not much to tell really - I shall be back up here tommorrow morning for a few wotsits (breadmaker most likely) so catch y'all later:)


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