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Catching Up...

Apologies to one and all for not being around on teh interweb for soooo long!!

Since moving day (the last time I posted) we have been settling in, sorting out furniture, going to gigs, clubs, parties, theatre, college, work...blah di blah...

And I don't have internet access at our new flat; neither have I had any wish to visit the Mothership since it was getting VERY difficult before we left...

As it is, she's now in the front room teaching a lesson and I've snuck up to do laundry and pick up a few things - parents are both busy so I've dived onto the computer... I'm still being bitched at for the tiny things I've left behind - right down to stupid little word documents on her computer *sigh*. She can't deny me the use of it though - she knows I need it for college work.

Anywho, Mike went back up to London yesterday to pack up his things and collect the kitty - he's coming back on Saturday and will be shifting stuff down here later in the week. Yay! We are still waiting for the black leather sofa we've ordered from Dingles (House of Fraser) to arrive too - will be fun getting that in, as twill have to be manouvred through the front window...

After I saw him off on the train I did an impulsive thing with the keys I've had kicking around from my old flat - the one in Stoke with the ex-boyfriend... And for the first time since Octover, actually wrote something! The following jumble of lines are in honour of the drain which swallowed them up so happily:

Goodbye Old Keys

With a happy little PLOP!
I dropped my keys
Down into the waiting drain
And smiled. I'd kept them awhile
But I won't be going there again.

Goodbye old keys,
I have a better place now -
New keys new home
With a new relation
Step-by-step in the right direction.

And then, crossing the Plain
I gave the creme egg in my pocket
To a blanket-buried tramp outside KFC.
He needed chocolate more than me.


For the moment, I'll post here when I can, but don't expect it to be as regular as it used to be for a while...

*hugs to all*

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