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Stressful mother!

I have been thoroughly busy this past week. Mike's birthday on Monday was great - we wandered into town, had coffee in Rouge, went up to the hoe to blow bubbles and fly a toy plane, then went down to the barbican to the national marine aquarium to gawp at fishies...

Had a beer in the Cider Press and then back home. I went to work and Mike went out.

Tuesday we got the keys to the flat and then I went home to bed as by the time we were done it was 12 lunchtime and I'd been up since 10am the day before... Mike went in town shopping whilst I slept.

Last night I went to theatre and was a pretentious arse for 3 hours while he cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, and we spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning the flat ready to move things in. I had last night and tonight off work, so I have been able to get up relatively early and get things done. Phew!!

Today we are packing up stuff in the loft - there's too much crap and it's all a bit stressful since Mother is being a whingy whiny cow and not being helpful at all. In fact, she's being thoroughly UNhelpful with everything including booking a van and who's paying for it. We are, but she's turning it all into an argument...


Ok, off for a fag. I'm probably not going to make it into college this aft, but my tutor knows the situation so it's all good really...

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