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I thought Sunday was a day of rest? Ho hum.

Been a bit of a whirlwind weekend so far...

After spending all afternoon getting covered in caster sugar, marzipan and food colouring etc, and after losing a lot of silver balls all over the kitchen floor, I finally got the cake done, showered and got ready to go to Andy's 40th birthday party.

Went out in long black skirt, black silk tail shirt and pvc corset as I was off to BlackCatz after. The party was good - lots of friends and family (and food) and almost an entire hour of Andy doing his standup comedy performance poetry and kids singing and whatnot... Left there about 10.30 and went to BlackCatz -

- which was surprisingly enjoyable. Ebm guy wasn't there so it was good classic and new music all the way through till 2am. A lot of people I hadn't seen in a long while were out, including Spikey and Kylie Paul - also saw Stainless and Becky, Jui-ehh!!, Rich, Paul, Tina, Tim, Lah and Ems, Matrix Si, harlotqueen, hawklord2112, Holly, Jez... Countless numbers of the usual suspects...

Had a damned good night, it was great to see Spikey out again - we have a lot to catch up on and he is dead keen on meeting Mike to talk drums/sound and whatnot - and I think we all had fun:)

Come 2am I was somewhat knackered - and invited Jui and Paul up to mine for a cup of tea. harlotqueen trundled off to hawklord2112's for bed and we managed to collect Tim, Tina and Rich along the way...

Didn't get home till 3am, then we all sat about for ages looking at dodgy flash movies and the like:

Salad Fingers Episode 2
We Like Tha Moon

...and worse. Much worse.

Everybody left finally at about 5:30am so I went to bed. Mike was only just getting to bed in London at the same time...

Consequentially we have both been running a bit late today. I meant to go in town this morning but didn't wake up till 1.15pm and had to rush to work to start at 2pm. Finished work at 6pm and my parents are back - handily bought 'appeasement chocolate' for mother on the way home...

Mike had to get a 5pm train, which is slow and won't get in till 9pm - and there is NOWHERE TO SIT. He's having to stand all the way from London...

... so I'm off to the pub in a minute to meet up with the people I'd asked to be there at 8pm and explain that he's going to be late...

Lah Ti dah!!

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