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Never go shopping on an empty stomach.

Gemini : Daily extended (by
You've got way too much to do, and way too little time to get it done. To make matters worse, you're dying for downtime and you've got somewhere to be almost immediately after work. Well, you'd better call and say you'll be late, because the person you usually count on to help out in a pinch may not be available. Think of it this way. If you get this done, you'll be so proud of yourself that you'll feel completely justified in treating yourself to just about anything you want. There. Not so bad, huh?

This basically means that for the first time in aaaages my parents are away and I have to walk to work at 9pm. Bugger!!!


Had an utterly hysterical night at work last night - at one point I was crying with laughter so much I could barely see what was on the monitor. For why??

The rude name game. Oh dear there were some crackers... the funniest being these:

Mr Gush
Mr Bent
Mr Steven Willey
Mr I Mycock

...and last but not least at about 5.20am:


I think that people put invented crap addresses into internet databases and businesses then post to them as mailshots... That or some office humour is wasting time at my end on comedy fake addresses...

Zenvelope added to this with:

Weekends will never be the same again


Your perfect match is here...


I think so. I hope so.

In other news, college this afternoon was fun - again, with no homework or attendance at lecture I still got an A on my last test, and I think I've done fairly well on this one too, which is good, as the timed questions we are doing are all preparation for the actual exams sometime vaguely in May/June...

Got the bus back with Clara, went round Sainsbury's on an empty stomach and came back with loads of cake making/decorating equipment to make a special cake for Mikes birthday on that day somewhere between the 28th Feb and 1st Mar which by all accounts only makes him 8 years old and 3 years to the next one, and so will be partying all weekend and over...

I also ended up with sandwiches, drinks, and a queue at the deli counter for piles of samosas, chickeny things, bhajis and whatnot. We got back to find my parents have already left for the weekend and there is a bowl of veggie noodley stirfry on the table, so we ate that with the indian snack stuff and I've filled a packed lunchbox to take to work.

The Fimbles one, rar!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and ring Mike and then get to work.

*Hooble Toodle Doo*

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