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Who ate all the pies?

My mother is doing the distraction thing again - only this time, she's not in the same room... She's opened the door between the living/music room and the dining room and is sat on the sofa knitting and interrupting my brain whilst I'm trying to do something. This also means no-one can go on the computer in the dining room whilst she's teaching between 4 and 8pm in the living room either. You would be visible, audible and the rest. Now it's some crap cat programme on Animal Planet that's distracting me..

AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! At least it's now only a week to go before I can get out of here with Mike lol!!

/moan off

I've had a fantastic weekend again. Went up on the train at 1pm to London, met Mike, went to Ben Crouch's for a drink (those loos are disconcerting to say the least) - then went up to meet Rosie at Upton Park for her 30th Birthday, got train to Hornchurch to meet up with everybody and to go to the pub to hear 'East of Java' who were very good... Ended up at Briony's surrounded by cats and soppy doggies till about 4am, then stayed at Rosie's for the night...

Sunday, we left Upton Park at about 3pm and went for an afternoon stroll in Greenwich. Definately needed the long stroll along the water past the Cutty Sark and off to the Cutty Sark pub for a drink - as we stopped off in the Pie and Mash shop for the most incredible snake'n'pygmy pie I've had in aaaages... Made a mash wall to ensure entry into the clean plate club, and Mike thought it was funny that I play with my food still... I think it's a shame that children are taught not to!!

Trains/Northern Line/Mostly allovem were screwed all day/evening, so we took a ridiculously roundabout route to get back to Streatham, which ended up with us getting the bus from Brixton!! Got in about 7:30 and had a well-needed cup of tea...

In the evening, we watched the director's cut of BladeRunner - which I LOVE - and discussed theories of Deckard being a replicant etc etc etc - and other nods in the film at things (million dollar) and whatnot... And finished the evening off with a yummy chinese takeaway; crispy seaweed, chicken in black bean, mushroom fried rice, deep fried mushrooms and more... FANTASTIC!!!

Got to bed/sleep about 3am and woke up today at 11am, severely knackered from all the walking/tube stomping yesterday... I got the train back from London at 4.05, and got back at 7.20, Mike went shopping, and I am off to work now. Not going to see him for a week as he has to pack and so do I - and it's his birthday on the 29th (28th or 1st) so he'll celebrate up in London before he comes down and we take the flat together on 1st March. I miss him though...

Ho hum. Must finish my tea and get to work.

*hooble toodle doo*

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