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Off to Londinium...

I am off to London in a mo, but thought I would leave you with this:

Sudan I food list

It's the full list of foods that have been contaminated by the dye - they've probably all been removed from the supermarket shelves by now but you should check your cupboards/freezers just in case...

The dye shouldn't have got in, but was done accidentally by Premier foods and causes cancer. Eeep!!

I took a copy to work last night, and was also pleased to see a LOT of anti-racism posters have gone up in prominent areas (esp near my team) so thankfully my chat to the shift manager has produced some positive results...


Oh, and zenvelopes for last night were:

"Avoid Unneccesary Worries"


"Will You Send A Blind Child to Mars?"

Must be very zen, 'cause I just don't get it at all lol!!

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