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In Heaven but still in Devon.

Have just got back from college... Long afternoon with a test on stills from the opening part of The Wicker Man, which is one of my favourite films and is the subject of the third exam - all three are in June sometime, and I had to pay 37 quid today for the fee. Oww!! Since I know the film very well I think I've done ok on this one... I got an A on my last test (on internet marketing of stars and product), so even though I've been slacking a lot lately I seem to be doing fairly reasonably.

As far as my practical project goes, I'm going to use my 'In Heaven' song with a sequence that's sort of a dream within another short film...and combine it with 'Journey Home' at the end... Going to be a wartime colour/b&w short with old news footage cut in as well - hopefully it won't be too hard to do.

I wanted to do the 'In Heaven' sequence on its own, but I need to justify it as being within something else so that it doesn't come across as a music video - so wartime silent/expressionistic thing seems to be the best way forward...

I'm off up to London tommorrow to visit the queen Mike's sister for her 30th Birthday, so I have the washing on at the moment and packing to sort out. I've been up since about 11am this morning (we got sent home at 4am this morning, so I slept from 6am instead of nearly 8am as is usual) and I'm a bit knackered, so I'm off for a snooze in a mo before work tonight.

Hopefully there will be some entertaining zenvelopes to keep me awake this time - last night I was falling asleep every other moment and NOTHING came through apart from one at the very end which was...

It's all a question of size, isn't it?

I have absolutely NO IDEA what that particular piece of post was all about as I couldn't see the rest of the envelope... Any ideas? Anyone??

I dread to think.

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