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So much romanticey stuff you will probably vomit - sorry!!


"There is a fine line between smartest and smartass."


"Do you need another luxury break?"

Hmm... Interesting. This game works very well, it does.


I am going to do a rather large post in overspenders to fully explain my recent weekend haulage... Too much. I've listed *most* of it as far as I can remember but it's likely that there's more, and it certainly doesn't account for travel (train/taxis) and 'beer money'...


Saturday, after I posted the previous post, we went out to Tramps (in corsetry of course) and I got somewhat drunk lol!! It has occured to me that I should stick to less heavy alcohol whilst in corsetry - I do, obviously, get light-headed even before alcohol goes down my neck - and therefore it's worse on account of having no air/stomach space etc etc... Wind in a corset is also sheer agony - so fizzy things must be avoided at all cost.

Naturally, I had two or three pints of Carling and I was drunk... We ended up in Goodbodies at 2am with me loudly demanding cheesychippsybeansies...

Oh dear!!

Sunday: After the fizzygoodmakefeelnice had done its work, we went out for roast down at the fortescue and wandered into town...

Went to see this at the Arts Centre, and it was DAMNED GOOD. Had us discussing it/trying to work it out for HOURS the Nowhere of course:

Triple Agent (U)
Dir. Eric Rohmer, France, 2003, 115 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Katerina Didaskalou, Serge Renko, Amanda Langlet, Emmanuel Salinger, Cyrielle Clair.

An espionage drama, Eric Rohmer's latest might seem an anomalous addition to his long and distinguished career, but it's soon clear this exquisitely subtle conversation piece deals with his usual themes of love, loyalty and betrayal, trust and suspicion. In mid-30's Paris, exiled White Russian general Fyodor handles intelligence for a veterans' organisation; his Greek wife Arsinoe, a painter, listens to his discussions but pays little attention until she hears something that makes her question him. Rohmer's film ignores the mechanics of spying to focus on the murky ethics, labyrinthine thinking and emotional cost of espionage: when deceit, concealment and conspiracy are the norm, how can one believe in anyone, or indeed anything.

We got home at about 10pm, had quiche and went to bed after a delightful day out!!


I was woken up at 11am with fried egg, gammon steak and toast on a tray all cut into heart shapes... with a glass of Bucks Fizz to accompany it and a single red rose next to it... AWWWW!!!!

After sitting up in bed and nearly tipping it over (wobbly hands - get them in the morning as a side-effect of work), I devoured this lahvly breakfast and it was followed by really strong and yummy italian filter coffee... Then I bunged on a dressing gown and went downstairs with Mike to give him the present and card I had got him...

The actual main present has not yet arrived from Amazon (annoyance) - it being the 'Decadent Cookbook: Recipes of Obsession and Excess' - but I had a card specially made with a drumkit on (told him he could give it to his drums lol!) and also got him a mini Zen garden - since he is obsessed with Zen wisdom (he has a Theology degree) it was recieved very well...

I was given a card with Belle from Beauty and the Beast on (my favourite Disney film) and a gorgeous heartshaped box of chocolates from Thorntons - inside which was a note from the faeries...

The naughty faeries had stolen my proper present and hidden it - they'd left me a riddle to work out where it was they'd put it...

I ended up in the garden, looking in my old sink trough in which I have flowers, rocks and the odd gnome... And there was a bag from a rather posh jewellers with REAL DIAMOND EARRINGS inside...

I can honestly say for once I had nothing to say... Apart from the fact that I love him to bits and I was lost for words as I have NEVER been bought diamonds - nor owned any...

*happy sniffles*

Well, after this, we took a train to Totnes and had a wonderful afternoon out, perusing the shops, going up to the castle, drinking in pubs and whatnot - and bought some really nice stuff - which, again - is listed in overspenders....

We got back in last night at about 7:30pm - then had chicken pie, potatoes and sweetcorn, followed by yummy Creme Brulee... Then Mike hit a food coma and I went to work...

My sodding phone was cut off yesterday on account of not paying my bill - which they NEVER SENT ME, so I was still waiting for it to arrive... And Mike got the train up to London at 3pm, so I can't text or call or anything till they reconnect it - and 02's computers are down at the moment as well...

Frustrating as hell!!

Either way, he's gone back to see the cat, pack up his room etc etc. I'm going up on Saturday for his sister's 30th birthday and then back on Monday... Have just been to Oxfam and bought some really cool stuff after I saw him off... Again, see overspenders;)

We both take keys/tenancy on the 1st March and will have to sort out moving stuff from then on - all my crap from mums and Mike's from London.

I am incredibly happy, missing him already, but can't wait to be living together!!!




LJ friendsCollage.

Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.


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