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Audrey and the Zenvelope.

I have had a bit of an Audrey Day today - Hepburn of course...

Just got in with new shoes, several pairs of stripy over-the-knee socks plus a plain black pair and a black pair with purple hearts on, various other bits and bobs for people's birthdays - and a DollarGrand hat that Mike bought me (21 quid reduced from 70) in a HAUGE black and silver hatbox...

It's a very Audrey hat - black straw-type with a very wide brim, black satin wraparoundybit and big bow at the back. Lovely!! I will look fantastic come summer with sunglasses and gloves...

My new shoes (NEW SHOES!!), which I am wearing now are from Skechers 'Somethin' Else' range - bit 'school shoey' lace up, square toed ankley shoes with a massive big heel but incredibly comfortable. Makes me about 5 inches taller at least lol!!

We are probably going out tonight, but currently have the house to ourselves - which is blissful - as mother has dragged my poor father out with her to a bar in Plympton with Mike Danata singing tonight. He's a dodgy old Barry Manilow impersonator who runs a magic shop - I suppose if you can't have the real thing you have to make do...


Oh, and I devised a new game to play whilst keying at work last night. It's called 'Zen Envelope' - or 'Zenvelope'.

Basically, the machines often don't find the address on an envelope and the image you get on the screen is random stuff on the rest of the envelope - especially if it's junk mail - stuff like that irritating directline phone car thingy etc...

Thursday evening, after I went to work, Mike stayed at the gig and rolled in hammered in the early hours - the zenvelope message of the night was deliberately blurry print saying 'YOU SHOULD BE SEEING DOUBLE BY NOW'. It was about 5am - I was, and so was he. Most appropriate...

Last night, the message (on a bank envelope) that kept 'coming through' was 'PLAY IT SAFE. STAY IN THE BLACK'.

Clearly a message to the gothy fashion-conscious...

Well, Mike is playing the piano very beautifully in the front room, I think we might pop out to the pub later - but I want my cup of tea, so...

*hooble toodle doo*

And here is a quiz I pilfered from _orpheus, no pics sadly, but rather fun nevertheless:

You are MARIAN: Obsessed with the lover who
abandoned you, you sink to your watery grave.
Nice mandolin, by the way.

What Sisters of Mercy song are YOU, puny mortal?
brought to you by Quizilla

Another cool one half-inched from matthewnorth:

You're Dave Vanian! HahahahahahahaSTOPLAUGHING
Dave Vanian

Which Damned member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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