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Garbles Yarbles Lost My Marbles?


Ok, so I'm vile and disgusting, but I absolutely LOVED, and have missed it since it was shut down...

I just really enjoyed sending people there and seeing the look on their faces.

Thanks to crimsonhalo for this link:



NEVER drink an entire litre of Frijj Chocolate milkshake whilst at work along with a scotch egg and three bags of chocolate buttons. Not saying any more than that.


In General:

I only woke up an hour ago, but I didn't get to sleep till 10am as I stayed up after work to wake up Mike so he could go for his job interview. He went out at 9:15am with Steve looking very smart indeed.

It went well, and I hope something comes of it. If not, we'll just look at other options, including part time drum teaching and that sort of thing.

We are going out tonight some time round 7:30pm as my brother-in-law has a gig with his band (Joey The Lips) and Mike wants to catch up on drumchat with him... He's upstairs in the bathroom washing his cymbals now lol!


And Finally:
I'm going to marry myself. Makes sense - being Gemini I can divorce myself as well, though separation would be nigh on impossible without the aid of a chainsaw...

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