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Could things possibly be any better?

I am officially a happy bunny.

*flaps hands above head and sticks out front teeth*

We looked at the flat yesterday morning after I'd had about two hours sleep - it was perfect... Two good sized bedrooms, decent galley kitchen (so I can do it up like a canal boat/cottagey interior) and a bloody MASSIVE living room with a coal fire (as well as gas central heating) which will double nicely as rehearsal/studio/band practice space as well. The back bedroom is big enough to set up as a studio with drumkit, guitars, cello, computer etc etc... And it has an enclosed high-walled courtyard that I can fill with pot plants, trellis, outdoor fairy lights and the cat.

Location-wise it couldn't be handier - just ten mins from town, five from mutley plain and ten mins walk from work... With my favourite coffee shop literally two mins round the corner (and they sell mushrooms)... Oh, and our neighbours are the owner of Really Good Records and Paul (above) from Mikes band - so they're friendly, not bothered about noise and will be happy about being quiet when I'm asleep in the mornings... That and it's only 420 per month inclusive of water rates!!!


We're taking tenancy from 1st March and I can't wait... Bet my mother can't either - she's probably itching to get her loft back;)

Following paperwork and whatnot - about 11am yesterday, we tootled into town to Cafe Rouge for filter coffee and mini-croissants with chocolate dipping sauce... Then picked up Mike's new suit (Hugo Boss - rather nice too) and went on a bit of a wander. Took a long look round the interior of St Andrew's Church in town, then down to the Barbican for a pint in The Cider Press. By 2pm I was somewhat knackered - so went home and went to bed and Mike went out with Dad to pick up his drumkit from Pauls and then a haircut.

I woke up at 6pm and then we cooked pancakes...


For starters/dinner I did vegetable/chicken stir fry with Peking Lemon sauce... Wrapped that up in pancakes...

Then for pudding we had MORE PANCAKES - one with lemon/sugar as is traditional, the other with CHOCOLATE AND VANILLA COOKIE ICE CREAM!!!


Went to work feeling very very full indeed;)

Pancakes should be compulsory every day...

I have considered giving up chocolate for Lent - but Mike said I wasn't allowed as he wouldn't be able to buy me chocs for valentines. He said I should give up chips instead and just have mash, croquettes, fritters, roast potatoes...

I have, however, decided to give up vending machine chocolate/general chocolate instead - which means I can still have a box of 'em on Feb 14th and they'll taste better for it.

I don't think I could EVER give up potato in any form lolol!!


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