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Blame it on the Burger!

Well, here I am at the end of an extremely busy week - Mike was in the studio all monday evening, then out whilst I was at work... Tuesday we managed to make it to college for my lecture - taxi fare wasn't too bad either, and we had a good stompy around town afterwards as I took Mike to a pub on the Barbican for J20 and a sizzling steak - hangover cure lol!!

I bumped into Sarah from theatre whilst we were out - and have discovered that Jojo has LEFT THE BUILDING!!! OH THANK F*CK!!! This means I will be back at theatre again fairly soon... huzzah hurrah!!!

Can't remember Wednesday, Thursday we went shopping, Friday night Mike went on a lad's night out with the usual suspects for Tim's birthday - grab-a-granny nite at the Quay Club... And last night the lads stayed in and watched 'Eternal Sunshine...' and 'Shallow Hal' whilst we, the girlies, went out as 'Tim's Bitches' for the second half of his birthday celebration - the GIRLS NIGHT OUT.

Needless to say, today has been spent in recovery as the latter part of last night/this morning was vomit-ridden. I couldn't even keep water in... Seriously bad. I have had fizzygoodmakefeelnice and Mike is looking after me which I am enjoying very much.

Personally, I don't think my vomitfest had anything to do with the alcohol I drank. I'm blaming the fried egg my mother cooked in the evening - there was runny white stuff in it... And I'm most certainly blaming the burger I had once the club kicked out. I've NEVER trusted burger vans - they've always made me ill - but I was ravenously hungry and the cheeseburger seemed like a good idea at the time. The raging sinus headache didn't help much either.

So no. I blame it on the burger. This little lot had nothing to do with it whatsoever:

One pint of Stella
Long Island Iced Tea
After Eight Shot
Another Zombie
One pint of Fosters Lager
One pint of John Smiths Bitter
One shot of some aftershockey-vodka-thing that Tim bought.

Nope. The burger did it. I can hold my drink lol!!!

*groans off*

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