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This Term's Solution lies with a Taxi. What little expense for such a worthwhile education!!

Since my mother started an additional 'at school' morning teaching music job three weeks ago I've had dreadful trouble getting to my lecture on a Tuesday at 12.25pm... Well, I've not even got there.

The only way to do it without a lift (which I was reliant on) is to get up after three hours sleep at 10am and get two buses across to the other side of Plymouth. I either have 3 hours sleep or I stay up after work (and after being up since about 11am on Monday morning) and get the bus early to spend all morning in the college library pinning my eyes open with matches and pro-plus injections...

Not going to work.

Needless to say, again today Snoopy has been a very cosy bed companion, and I've recieved a bit of a lecture NOT from my tutor. It's been suggested that I get a regular weekly taxi at 12pm to get there and have 5 hours sleep beforehand rather than my extreme solutions. It makes sense - I'm just going to have to budget out about 30-40 quid a month for the priviledge of an extra two hours sleep on a tuesday. Ho hum.

I've not missed out on too much since I have the presentations for the lectures all on cd off the college network system - so I can watch them at home... But it's not a long term solution - or even a this term solution. Taxi it is then...

Apart from college, everything is going swimmingly - and I might even go to Black Catz this saturday with Mike and Nicky etc... I've not been since end of September last so I ought to pay them a visit...

Right then, I'm off to do some homework, coffee and whatnot as well. Enjoy!!

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