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Perfect Weekend and back to work...

I just got back from London - literally only about half-an-hour ago...

Didn't make it to the Dev on Saturday night... We went to Caffe Nero in Balham, met up with Steve (who I hope has got his researchers job by now) and went to the Bedford for drinks... jockolantern turned up with childhoods_hour and we drank far too much till fairly late indeed. Oh my gawd was the burger and chips in the pub yummy - and I was a little worn out as I'd not slept since I'd got up at 1pm on Friday... I'd only dozed about an hour on the train as well!!

Got back to the flat at about 11ish - and watched 'Team America' on the projector screen. Personally, I thought it was a bit crap, but there you go... Should have stopped after the first mission - and wasn't very funny at all. I think I laughed once in the entire film and I'm not sure it was an intentionally funny bit either... It might just have been because I'd been awake nearly 36 hours by the time the film had finished but... was just unfunny american humour and it just left me worried that your average audience simply wouldn't grasp any 'satire' in the film (if there was any to start with).

Anyway - Sunday morning we had a champagne breakfast with the bottle of pink Moet that missbumpkin gave me for Christmas... Half a bottle each and oh gawd was it lovely - thanks babe!

Then we went out at about 3pm to have lunch in the pub and a walk across the common - stopped for coffee and then walked back again in the dark at six-ish... Twas lovely... Then we had fray bentos pie for tea (my absolute favourite snake n pygmy pie) and played Harry and Alison at RISK later on...

My entire red army was wiped out by 1am... This was odd as Harry's objective was to wipe out red (me), Alison's objective was to wipe out black (Mike) - we had red and black, they had blue and pink... All of this was ENTIRELY accidental too... Spooky...

Got up this morning at elevenish and Mike cooked me a fantastic fryup with venison sausages and smoked bacon, chilli beans and egg - so so so yummy!!! Then we wandered off round 1pm to get to Paddington.

I got the train at 3pm - slept the entire way and I'm off to work in a couple of hours...

Have had a wonderful weekend - and he's coming back down on Thursday huzzah hurrah!!

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