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That was the week that was... (largely chaotic but fun)

Wednesday, Mike was a sneaky bugger and swapped himself for a Snoopy at 11am to go in town whilst I was asleep!!

I woke up at 1:30 and found Snoopy in my arms and was most miffed - was a tad cranky, wandered about looking for him and got into town by 2pm to meet up lol!! Following which, we had a fab afternoon wandering round places - we had blue mountain coffee, then I bought a good few dvds from the sale in Virgin, Mike got some Mission vinyl (series 1-V) for fiddypee each and bought me a wooden lined coffin for 4.50 in the dollshouse shop which has brass plaque, handles and EVERYTHING in miniature... went round Sainsbury's and got back at about 6pm to cook dinner...

I cooked a HAUGE lasagne (I have a special recipe and WILL NOT share) which went down very well indeed with everyone, and Mike did fancy veg type stuff - and we fed ourselves, both parents and my sister and her boyfriend. They all drank plenty of wine and went to the pub when I went to work. The whole occasion was largely a success except that it was supposed to be just dad, Steve and Mike at the pub and my mother invited herself...

Thursday, we went in town again. It was an incredibly windy day with gusts over 55mph... so I decided it would be a good idea to get the tiny little passenger boat across to Mountbatten!! The waves were crashing over the roof, the boat was lurching all over - we could barely walk along the breakwater bit when we got there and there were just the two of us plus staff in a usually crowded pub... But twas fun - and the boat back in the dark was just as exciting...

If we weren't lurching about enough due to the waves, we added to it by following the boat trip with a jaunt to the Cider Press, then to Jakes and the Nowhere (oops!)... Got home about 8pm, catnapped and went to work.

Today I have overslept and missed college (oops again!) and been harangued on the phone by my brother-in-law wanting a freebie filming of a charity gig Sunday after next to go on a DVD which is intended to be sold. Hasn't got a hope in hell of getting it filmed/sound added and produced for free... He's having a bloody laugh!! And my mother has been banging on about various things when I'm trying to get the printer to work - it was having a strop refusing to print and so was I...

Tommorrow I am getting the train to London with Mike and hitting the Dev for a well needed drink sometime round 6pm - anyone who wants to come along is welcome... Gawd could I do with a drink!!!

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Seen all but Garden State lol!! And, yes, they all made me cry too...

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