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Friday Onwards and The Bennetts Day Out.

Well after my hyper attack early Friday morning, I went to the doctor's and have now been referred to the ENT clinic - see if my sinuses need drilling and draining - ewww!! Still, if it helps long term I suppose I can put up with it...

Went to sleep 9am Friday, slept till 1pm, got up, went to college and handed in my essay - got it back by the end of the lesson at 5pm with a GRADE B!!!

HAHAHA!!! This is only going to encourage the slacker in me...

Slept again between 7 and 9 before work, had a good night listening to music...

Saturday morning - got up, tidied and whatnot, went to meet Mike from the trainstation at 3pm via Oxfam where I bought a nice shiny black shirt, The Metaphysical Poets (to replace the copy I had before which belonged to Leighton), a photographic version of the Kama Sutra and the Official Slacker Handbook which is hysterically funny and pretty much a guide for Plymouth Louche-Living!!

Met Mike at 4:20, went to the pub for a snifter before venturing home... Arrived home somewhat squiffy at 7pm lol!! We were supposed to be going out in the evening - me to a fondue girly party, Mike to a mens Poker game, but we didn't make it... And we didn't make it out to the MDC Punk night either. Oops...

Today we surfaced about lunchtime, Mike has gone to a band practice before they go into the studio at the end of the month, and I've dragged around the Barbican with the Parental Units - mother whinging all the way, dad hanging back with me and sharing grumbles about mother never having anything cheerful/positive to say about anything - typical 'Bennet's Day Out'.

The Dollshouse shop was closed, which was the only reason she wanted out - so we sourly trudged round Barbican Glass - where I got some nice beady things and an amethyst bracelet - and mother bought nothing... Then I took her into the chinese shop where I got some more incense and, again, she looked at things but grumbled about things in general...

"My arthritis, soandso is VERY ill, grandma might have to visit, soandso's wedding list we don't have time to look at, my arthritis, my aching feet, blah blah blah"

She's been nagging at dad all day too - about everything. I'm increasingly getting the impression he's desperate to escape - too obviously keen to give Mike and I lifts to places/back from places and looking fondly at the bottle of Whisky he got for xmas and any opportunity to go hide in the study with pretense of working.

Got back just now - she's had a pot roast of beef on since 10am (!!!!!) so it's probably going to be shrivelled and chewy as usual even though I sneakily turned the oven down - I do this to her roasts regularly in a vain attempt to save the meat from total combustion...

When Mike gets back from the band prac we shall go out for a drink I hope - could probably do with a few after the constant barrage of moaning I've been subjected to today. Quite honestly, she is totally like Mrs. Bennett - but worse. Not just bemoaning herself and aches and pains and nerves, but self-righteously carrying the weight of everyone elses woes on her shoulders as well.

Thank Gawd I'm my father's daughter - If I ever turn out like her I shall have to kill myself before anyone else is driven to put me out of my misery;)

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