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Brilliant but busy weekend and an entertaining summary of last year's antics...

Didn't leave for London till 5:30pm on Saturday evening with Mike and kitty - Chris drove us up there and it was a fun journey... Got home to Streatham at almost midnight as we were dropped in High Barnet (Chris lives in Herts) and had to get the toob all the way back... Stayed up and had half a bottle of red each whilst watching Sleepy Hollow - such a good film, and then had to get up at 7:30am on the Saturday to go back up to Herts to visit Mike's family...

Spent the afternoon in the company of all family members - lots of fantastic food and conversation - ended up playing with the kids with toy zoo and farm animals (got brownie points there I think) - then Mike's sis and fiance drove us back, dropping us in West Ham to get the toob home again. By this point I had an excruciating sinus headache and the pressure inside the tunnels was AGONISING!! Got back about 11pm, watched 'Remembrance of the Daleks' - my fav Sylvester McCoy Dr. Who series and then fell asleep. I like Sylvester McCoy - he looks like my dad - and he is lovely in person as well!!

Got up today about 12 lunchtime, got to Paddington, got ticket, got train, slept between Reading and Newton Abbot and arrived home at 6:50pm. I've had a fantastic weekend, sorry I couldn't meet up with vashe and co, but it was all a bit hectic this time round. I will be back by the end of the month I expect. Mike is coming down on Saturday as he has some studio stuff to do with band-types, and I'm missing him already:/

Ho hum. Off to work in half an hour - and I still have that rotten sinus/tension headache so am dosed up on Sinutabs, ibuprofen and sinex. Might well go home after lunch, who knows, as I do have an essay that is somewhat late and not started. Lots of college stuff to catch up on this week and I have to go back to the doctor as well...


This is rather clever and has been pilfered from vashe
Take the second sentences from the first posts of each month in 2004 and put them all together as an odd roundup.

2004 - Burning the candle at both ends Jan thru to Dec.
(looking at this I see I really ought to slow down a bit and get more regular sleep? Or maybe do less stuff or take up amphetamines again? Who knows?!)

She had drunk far far too much red obscene amount...must have been a few bottles...not to mention the fizzy glass of Moet (I said "BOLLY!!" Darling!) when the little hand touched the big hand of Big Ben... Stayed up yesterday after work at 6am, and went straight to theatre at 9:30 for all day rehearsals. Walked into town wearing my flary 1950's style black taffeta skirt, purple stripy socks, pointy boots, black velvet top, black twinset-style cardigan, big furry grey coat and black furry hat with black satin fingerless gloves on and a rope of purple/black metal jewels...looked altogether far too glamorous for a jaunt into town...surely there was an award ceremony happening somewhere that I should have been attending lol!! Once there, went on a bit of a shopping spree...wandered into Waterstones and bought Emile Zola : Germinal, Oscar Wilde : Complete Short Stories and Sylvia Plath : Collected Works.
Had to ring BT this morning as I'd missed a payment whilst away and I got cut off last night...all sorted by 12 lunchtime (98 quid - ouch!)...then spent half an hour adding my best Whitby pics to The Mervyn Peake text worked very well indeed - all the walking on grids and curves and interjecting speech and movement to illustrate life...then coming into a line and carrying on speech/movement before we break apart and stop as an ensemble (when we feel the moment) and turn, to deliver the full 'fish of the imagination' text to the audience as the lights fade... Jui-ehh!! was back at work last night and we talked and talked all night - tons to catch up on. I love those pens - so scribbly inky...great for doodling with. She could have at least brought me a cup of tea... I walked home from work (my) last night/6am this morning and it took me half an hour - all up hill from work to Mutley Plain to Hartley. I have been very bad indeed. My pay only went in yesterday and I have already spent 65 quid on DVDs. I have a few pages of notes and whatnot - which I shall peruse and cobble together this evening and through the night at work - then I shall stay up after work finishes at 6am to write it... I'm getting the train at 9:30am and those of you who are london-types should look for me in the Dev sometime round 8/9ish this evening I'd imagine - though I might be royally hammered as I've been up since college at 12 lunchtime yesterday.

ADDENDUM: 2003 - Not a lot of difference!
I stayed in with a bottle of red wine, and another bottle of mulled wine...
...and watched Jools Holland's 10th Annual Hootenanny!!! It's looking good tho...we are working on a lot of stuff... ...I'm playing a 'cello solo...had to fork out 52 quid for a new bow, and a further 40 quid for a new set of strings since I broke one last week!! Bugger!!
Yet another awesome show!! Last night was great fun and I got to sit on a few laps as well! Lookee here, I'm addicted!! : HERE I AM!! Hehe...
Anyway, that aside, got home at 6ish and went to bed...but slept a solid 12 hours (damn) and missed out on loads that I had to do in etc... was also supposed to walk up to Jodie's house for a social before work...but my dumb ankle hurts SOO much that when I wake up currently it is EXTREMELY painful for at least an hour until it's loosened up a bit...the bruising still looks horrible too...much worse than the webcam photo a few days's huge blood-blistery bruises all over the bone, from my calf down to halfway down my foot:-/ Obviously, I took lots of photos...which I will put on cd later in the week. Apparently it's a variant of Poker... Didn't end up watching any horror last night...instead, drank one and a half bottles of red wine, and watched Jool's Holland on TV...then had a chinese takeaway... Got up at 10am this morning and was in for my 11am call on time...spent the day doing tech and dress runs, and we had a break between 5 and 6pm, before we started prepping for the show which started at 7pm...

Frightening, eh??
*buggers off to drink tea*


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