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I didn't blow away...

Last night was quite terrifying in a sort of exciting kind of way.

For starters, it was a charity night for the tsunami appeal, and the first thing that scared me was our deputy coming in dressed as Shrek - complete with green face and a huge inflatable donkey. I did a double take 'cause I thought he was wearing a mask. Damn convincing!!

Second scary thing was Pauline turning up as the female character - long green dress and MORE green face paint... Super scary as she has short hair and is old.

Third scary thing was the wind.

Not because I'd eaten a big spicy chicken slice and drunk a litre of chocolate milk - but the wind outside... Blowing so strongly it was that when I went out for a fag at 3am we had to huddle behind a pillar and dodge the big metal bins that were being blown along the outside smoking area like a bowling alley!!

I didn't win any booze in the raffle, which was a let-down, but I did win some nice toiletries and lavender taper candles instead. Winnah!!

And I didn't fall asleep, but had an argument with Dawn because for twenty mins between 4 and 5am I was a bit dozy and she kept saying 'Lizzi, wake up!' really loudly and drawing attention to me for no reason. I asked her nicely not to and explained why but she threw a hissy fit so I had to get a taxi home. (this is the same old woman in her 60's who left without me last time I said I couldn't burn a cd for her if you remember?)


Well at least I didn't wake up in Oz, even though my red suede thigh boots are safely in the bottom shoe box in my room in case the loft takes off in the night... And I'm off to London sometime around 3pm so should get off the comp and continue packing/organising etc etc.

I see at least two of my friends have emailed 'How Clean is Your House' - Woo! I look forward to seeing under their beds in the not-too-distant future. I think.

*hooble toodle doo!!*

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