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Sodding Typical... Just to put a damper on festivities...

... I have the sodding flu.

I have sore throat, swollen glands, hot flushes, stuffed up head - the works.

Mike MADE me stay in bed today till AT LEAST 2:30... I slept till 4pm, and I'm dosed up on everything possible to go to a Xmas Eve party in half an hour or so.

Spread the love, spread the flu lol!!

Following the doctors app on Tuesday, she gave me amoxycillin as a five day course, so that rules out drinking or anything too fun... But at least, since the flu hit a day ago, it will kill two birds with one stone as twere. If only they were turkeys...

She told me I have a sinus infection AND a tension headache, and hopefully it should clear up by new year - if not, I have to go back for x-rays to see if where I broke my nose (straight across the bridge when I was 14) has compressed my sinuses at all. *grumble*

Other than an ague, I'm super happy, Cassidy has settled in well, Mike has met the grandparents and all rabbits friends and relations and survived, and we are having a wonderful time...


and if I don't see you before the New Year...


*xmassy hugs all round*

Big thanks to dreadfulshadow for the xmas card - was a very pleasant surprise indeed!!:)

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