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Eeet's Chreeeeeeeeeeeeeestmaaaaaaaaaaasssssss!!! *dons Noddy Holder sideburns in honour*

I am off to the doctor's in a minute to find out/pester the quack as to why I have had a permanent sinus tension headache for the last month. Hopefully I'll get an answer, more likely I'll be fobbed off with nasal sprays and pseudephedrine...

I've been up since 11am doing frantic tidying. Serious tidying. My room now has visible CARPET!! WOOO!!!

Everything is in its proper place, and there is even a tree with presents under it that I did last night before work.

Town yesterday was hectic as hell, and I must admit to a moment of weakness in buying myself the 365 day Edward Gorey calendar and Voltaire's 'What is Goth' for entertainment value. Did it all on chequebook as my pay goes in Xmas eve...

Mike is on the train with Cassidy and will get in just about when I get back from the doctors - apparently he let Cass out on the train for food and water and she tried to escape under the seat... My room is now kitty-friendly with brand new litter tray, food and water bowl (full) on a fish print mat. Yay!!

I've even put a big purple fur fabric 'cat cushion' (Chloe sometimes sits on it) at the end of the bed hehe...

Ok, I'd best drink my cawfee and bugger off to the Docs, which, handily, is right next door. All I really need is a stile so I don't have to go all the way down one path and up the other:/

Might not post for a few days, as I'm sure you understand. The grandparents will also be arriving in half an hour and my two sisters, boyfriends, children et al are arriving tommorrow afternoon/lunchtime to have early presents as they won't be around on Xmas day.


I think this is the best xmas so far I've had in SO MANY YEARS and I'm damn excited too...

*grins idiotically*

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