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I feel a little ill... But am very happy indeed.

I think hibernation instinct is setting in...

wildgift93, missbumpkin and I had SUCH a fantastic time last night...

wildgift93 cooked a delicious mexican bake thing with black olives, enchilada sauce and stuff mixed into basmati rice with a ton of cheese on top - and we drank way too many gin and tonics, and stuffed ourselves with sticky toffee pavlova/carrot cake. Then gave each other presents...


wildgift93 gave missbumpkin a 1950's peepshow book - with eye holes and nose/mouthhole that when you looked through you could see all these pin ups in 3d - missbumpkin declared herself 'the tit inspector' and we all had a giggle... She also got lavender bathstuff and 'afro gum' - chewing gum to make you grow an instant afro apparently...and I gave her a big glass mug thing with cocoa ingredients in - powder, flakes, choc bits and topped with marshmallow.

wildgift93 was given an oriental cat print from me that I bought in Greenwich Market - and a really nice bra from La Senza from missbumpkin...

...and I got 'The Little Book of Chav', Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellinton slippers, a Nightmare Before Christmas wallet from missbumpkin and an utterly gorgeous black sequiny basque and thong set complete with a black feather boa from wildgift93. Cue lots of dressing up and trying on of underwear...


I also tried on three of missbumpkin's 24" corsets (yes, even after a huge dinner!!) - and opted for two of them... A black PVC curved underbust one from Gallery Serpentine, and a black pvc underbust Fairy Gothmother one... Both 65 quid each - and Mike texted to say he'd pay for one of them for xmas... WOOHOO!!!

We finally went to bed at about 2am, and I slept on the futon in the living room - had Jake, the Jack Russell sleeping under the duvet with me all night, and Clover, the tabby cat, on top lol!! I was VERY warm...

Woke at 10.45am today when wildgift93 brought me coffee, and we all had marmitey toast and tea and lounged around watching 'The Great Race' on tv, which had gorgeous dresses and was rather funny indeed.

missbumpkin dropped me home at 3pm, following which I was a little sick (too much gin) and went to bed to sleep till 8pm when Mike rang me.

Am now feeling a little worse for wear, but I had a wonderful time, and now I'm off to do overtime 10pm-6am at work. I have made NO ATTEMPT to tidy my room or catch up on laundry, and I have a ton of shopping to do, so tommorrow will be a bit of a frenzy to say the least...

HO HUM. I'm happy and Mike is coming with Cassidy (kitty) on Tuesday - huzzah and triple huzzah!!

*grabs coat and crawls to work*

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