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Stuffed up Sinuses and schtuf

(I bought it for Mike on Sunday - 'tis so well suited hehe!!)

The Chap Manifesto: Revolutionary Etiquette for the Modern Gentleman



I'm in the middle of a 'grand tidyage' (again).

The washing-machine is on with a couple of loads of laundry, there is a second cd player in the loft and also the record player and video (though only the cd player is plugged in so far) - and I'm sort-of getting there...have taken a binbag of rubbish out at least...

Went to Fulfords yesterday to sort out the grands-worth of arrears left to me by the flat/ex. They've taken the deposit out of it (465 quid - so we won't be getting that back), had an uptodate payment of his housing benefit which STILL leaves it lacking as he was about 130 quid short of rent each month and hadn't topped it up out of the rest of the money he was getting...

And I *still* have 360-400 quid to pay on top of all that!!!!

Mum will have to do it and I will have to pay her back when I can - inbetween paying off all the other debts left to me:/


Ho hum - I'm doing 12 hour shift of overtime this Thursday and the next, and a nightshift this Sunday and the next to make up for it:/

In other news, the weekend was (again) fantastic... Went to the Dev in the evening and caught up with TONS of people - including alienfox who I haven't seen since September and miss dreadfully and made some new friends - being work/goff mates of Mike's as well. YAY FOXY BIG HUGS!!

Got home about 1am - collapsed into bed and practically fell unconscious.

Sunday we went to Greenwich and I met Mike's sister - she's really lovely... Then met up with Royston with Godfrey in tow, so we went to Greenwich market and ended up in Wetherspoons for a meal which took an age to arrive... Went home via Docklands Light Railway - all lit up in the night - felt like scenes from Bladerunner and was really fun!!

Monday - lounging around, then train home at 3:30 - slept all the way home - got home about 7pm and slept until 9pm when I went to work.



Monday onwards I have had a vicious sinus headache which won't go away even with ibuprofen and sinutabs combined... Had to spend half the night at work keying without my glasses because my sinuses hurt too much!! Can't take any time off sick tho - as I'll a) lose my potential 100 quid xmas bonus and b) I'm on a stage two so daren't anyway...


I'm almost all done on my xmas shopping - except for Secret Satan and a couple of friends. Goddamn am I organised this year!!! In the meantime, I'm ignoring bills till early January lol - when my overtime pay goes in I should be about 300 squid better off than my usual paypacket;)

Ok - need to check the washing machine. Catch y'all later...

(not sure how much later - might be friday - as Mike is coming down tommorrow *bounce*)



Btw, I have to admit to something - I FELL OFF THE WAGON...

Yes, I gave in to MEAT after the big flat clearout last weekend back - and had roast lamb. Since then I've been eating steak and ale pie, pasties, fancy german sausages wrapped in bacon and yummy whatnots... I'll go veggie for the summer again no doubt but it's XMAS and I have to put a few turkeys out of their misery...

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