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Is there anybody there?, said VG's droogs...

I have been AWOL again and am about to do so for the weekend also.

I'm getting the train at 9:30am and those of you who are london-types should look for me in the Dev sometime round 8/9ish this evening I'd imagine - though I might be royally hammered as I've been up since college at 12 lunchtime yesterday.

I'm burning the candle at both ends as usual, oh yes!!

We have been spending the last two weeks studying A Clockwork Orange for our exam papers - oh gawd do I love it!!! When I was about 15/16 I saw an illegal copy of it - (as it was banned at the time) - dubbed into swedish with english subtitles... Read the book, learned Nadsat... It's all coming back to me now, dear droogies...

In fact, Clara and I spent most of the afternoon telling each other that bedways is rightways now - should be going homeways for a bit of spatchka lol!!

(she's doing college and nightshift with me for the xmas slog)

In OTHER NEWS - My 11yr ex went off in a taxi with some stuff to Wales last week - to live with his fiancee... Leaving me with a flat full of EVERYTHING.

LITERALLY EVERYTHING to clear out by Monday this/last week as that was his eviction date.

My dear boyfriend came down from London and Adrian came round to help me and my father clear EVERYTHING out on Saturday... Kitchen stuff (washing machine, f/freezer, dryer etc etc etc), all the furniture, two beds and BOXLOADS of 'things'... Nightmare!!!

(including things of his that I have to *look after till he requires them*)

Mike sent me to bed in the afternoon as I'd been up since 12 lunchtime the day before for college and done nightshift then stayed up to get the van for moving stuff...

Toddled off bleary with a black and white kitty that had arrived on the doorstep randomly for cuddles - if that cat hadn't turned up I'd have been killing people, so its arrival was indeed a blessing...but now the garage is STUFFED FULL and I have to sort it all out ASAP.

On Saturday evening, Mike and I met up with our friends and went to a gig of theirs at the uni - he ended up on stage with drums and I ended up doing backing vocals... Huge stage invasion lol!!

Then on Sunday my sister and I spent FOUR HOURS tag-team hoovering at back-breaking pressure into the carpet (it had been pretty much used as an ashtray) and bleaching and scrubbing the kitchen and both bathrooms whilst Dad and Mike took a ton of stuff to the tip...

(thanks so much to dreadfulshadow for the phonecall halfway - was good to hear a friendly voice - sorry if I had a moan lol!!

Went to the landlords on Monday to hand the keys back to find my ex-bfs last rent payment was 9th Nov and it's just over a grand in arrears. Boom there goes the deposit...

Not much we can do about it. I have a forwarding address for him, so we'll have to sort something out or my parents (guarantors) get taken to court...

ANYWAY... After this exhausting weekend I had a LUVVERLY week with Mike - lots of silly antics round town, christmas shoppaging and mulled wine, pubs and meals and schtuf... He went back Thursday evening and I'm going up today till Monday.

Then he's down Thursday again (tho I have college in the afternoon then a 12 hour overtime shift straight after)... And he will be travelling with cat (Cassidy) to stay for Xmas too.

Happy happy happy me!!!

I have also finished reading 'Pride and Prejudice' (aka Postage and Packing) - and have come to the conclusion that my family/parents most DEFINATELY are the Bennets!!!

Ok, need to pack and whatnot.

Hooble toodle doo!!!

*hugs all round*

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