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Pubs, Trains and too much rich food.

Today has been spent in bed - after a long night at work last night, and an emergency trip to Safeway in the morning on account of mi madre's birthday today (card and chocs). I am somewhat tired and slept through my lecture and everything else I intended to do today. Mum got a digital camera from dad which also does 3 minutes of film - so we have had to sit through about ten minutes of cats yawning and walking from the kitchen to the living room...


Ok, so here's 'wot I did on teh weekend':


Stayed up from 3pm Friday - awake after work and got the train at 9:30. Only slept an hour and a half on the train due to the fact that I was sat opposite THE BIGGEST CHAV FAMILY EVER!!! Picture a big, fierce-looking bloke, with one of those peculiar beany/baseball type hats on, HAUGE inchwide link gold chain round his fatneck and two on each wrist, gold rolex, mobile on chain round neck, Harlem sweatshirt and Harlem Globetrotters puffer jacket... Two chav kids, one with mp3 player, the other with mobile on chain round neck - both about 4 years old... plus Chavwife with white handbag, greasy ponytail and morrisons bag with sausage rolls and jam butties in. All four watching Outkast on a portable dvd player...

Then there was the peculiar old man opposite who rubbed vicks all over his neck, borrowed my teaspoon to take benylin, gave me a leaflet for a castle near Leeds and told me about train routes EVERYWHERE!!!

By the time I got to London I was already knackered so I met Mike and we went to the pub.

Met vashe in the Dev - was damned good to see her (gorgeous dress!!), then Caligari turned up - new haircut which looked damned good, followed by a surprise visit from _frog and _killmefaster_. Also spent some time talking to elvenforest and a whole gang of random people. Was a tad drunk as I'd been up so long, and had TEN PRO PLUS!!! Oops!!

After we left the Dev, we went along to Balham - the Bedford was full so we ended up in a random free-pouring license bar where I had a VERY STRONG vodka and coke (on top of the four pints of Stella and a double Baileys I'd had in the Dev...) followed by a taxi journey home, watched a bit of 'Hero' on the projector screen and ate THE YUMMIEST CHINESE EVER - mock chicken stuff and noodles etc etc. YUM!!


Woke up hungover as expected - pink whites and blue/grey greens. Went to the pub for lunch about 3pm...

Roasted vegetables and cous cous thingy which was yum - then travelled over to Woolwich to meet up with Royston in the Earl of Chatham. Roy eventually turned up around 7pm, and we were in the pub till about 10:30, talking bands and gigs and whatnot... Crawled off to a noodle bar afterwards where I had Ho Fun soup - way way too much food and I couldn't finish it all...

And because it was uber-late we had to get the nightbus back to Streatham - changing at Elephant and Castle... So I got a nighttime tour of Greenwich, Black Heath, lit up Canary Wharf on the horizon, Old Kent Road, Brixton... All the way along... Twas fun and most fascinating. Most areas along the route looked SO MUCH like Smithdown road in Liverpool. Long road of little shops that goes on and on forever...

And I saw three grandfather clocks in the window of the British Red Cross society shop somewhere near Brixton too. WANT COVET WANT!!

Got in about 1am and collapsed in exhaustion pretty much!!


Up at 9am, didn't want to go:/ Got trains and stuff from Tooting Bec onwards which got us to Paddington an hour early, so we sat in the pub until I could board my train. Train left at 12:35, and I started to read Pride and Prejudice - Mike says my dad is EXACTLY like Mr Bennet... The more I read the more I make comparisons, oh yes, and mother is very much a Mrs Bennet as well, only with a fraction more brain. (I think - see link above). I fell asleep after Reading and woke up somewhere near Ivybridge having slept about 3 hours in a VERY uncomfortable position. Got in at 4pm, knackered as hell, and didn't make it to Art College - went home and went to bed until 7:30 before work last night.

In conclusion: A very busy, pub-filled weekend which I enjoyed every minute of - but when I come up on the fourth I think I'll make the pub night one night only - perhaps Sunday at the Dev, and spend the rest of the time keeping my boyfriend to myself hehe...

He's coming back down Thursday. Rar!!


Ok, so Tuesday today, the parents, my youngest sister and Steve have gone out for a meal and I think I'm going to have tea, toast and retire to my room with a book. Catch you all later:)

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