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In which VampGirl has funny-coloured fags and a cherry on top.

I am staying up on account of early trainage and my not being entirely ready for the off.

Highlights of tonight included keying addresses for this advertised book:

My Daddy is a Pretzel

Which prompted the following vulgar thoughts:

I wonder what food item mummy could be...ring doughnut??!!??


A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat...

*wrong leer*

Another highlight of tonight were FREE CAKES (obviously, I went for the biggest sticky bun there was), a game in which we all had to name a film or movie actor whose title/name started with the last letter of the one before and winning a box of multi-coloured Sobranie cocktail cigarettes (made in Russia, bought in Spain by a teammate) in the raffle...

So far, I have smoked a green, pink and a yellow!!!


Oh, and the following cartoon in G2:

Image Hosted by

I lead such a fulfilling life...

Ho hum. Back to my mug of tea before I go and sort out the rest of my schtuf;)

*buggers off for a PURPLE ONE*


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