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Bloody Oversleeping Alarm Clock Crapping Bollocks!!

Am cranky and angry and a little headachey because I woke up at 5pm.

Intended to get up at 11am for college and to do tons of stuff - but I've gotten wise to my alarm clock and am now able to turn it off in my sleep without realising... Even setting my mobile phone alarm no longer works as I've worked out how to do that too.

I need a new alarm clock. A nice shiny gadgetty one that maybe plays cds so I can wake up to hammered beethoven chords or screaming scary rawk or something. Something that's going to cause me to fly out of bed in terror and offer no hope whatsoever of dreamily thumping it in my sleep to go under again...

Help? Your suggestions are always welcome;)

So now I'm rushed as fxxk, and have the washing machine on and myself flying about like a loon as usual. Will have to stay up after work as my train leaves at ten nine-thirty...gets into Londinium at 13:18. See some of you lot in the Dev round two perhaps?

I'm calling round at my old flat next week (where my 11yr ex is) - he's moving out on the 29th and I need to pick up what's left of my stuff. Think he's moving up to be with his fiancee/gf upcountry. He's found my black mirror and tons of things I'd thought I'd lost...which is good...

...but I also now have to sort out shiftage of washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge freezer etc into a big van next weekend to transport to my parents...

hawklord2112 - after your new PA recovers are you up for some haulage work next weekend? I've done it three times before - carrying heavy stuff from the UPSTAIRS kitchen to the van - but I'm not sure my dad is up to it anymore... Could do with a strongman;)

*grins and dives upstairs to tidy*


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