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Once again, I feel like I've been away from the computer for EVER!!!

I've just seen my boyfriend off on the train back to London, and I'm going up this Saturday, coming back Monday. Hopefully we'll have time to catch up with some people for a drink in the Dev;)

He came down on Thursday last week - brought me a present - lovely watch with the day and date on so I know what day it is finally... Bloody fantastic!! Seriously!! I have had a problem with knowing what day/date or even week it is since I started night shift two years ago. I've spent all week showing everybody at least twice lol!!

We've spent all weekend at random parties, pubs and all-night-cafes - pub lockins and all sorts in which I re-met an old goff mate who used to sit outside virgin/go to 'Aliens' with me in 1989-91ish (Woody)and who apparently once punched an ex-bf of mine(:/!!)...and an old church mate (Treggy) who is now the manager of the pub we spent most of our time in - surrising but inevitable really if I think about it - since his older brother and the rest of us always snuck off for a drink over there after evening service...

We've also had very pleasant afternoons/evenings out before work etc etc. Down to the Barbican/bars/Art Garden Cafe/Nowhere... It's been lahvly and I miss him already.

Have to do an essay plan for next Tuesday for my second essay - will probably do Casablanca and discuss film noir etc etc - so have LOTS to do tommorrow besides packing and tidying.

My room is an utter bombsite again - despite the AMAZING JOB my sister did last week - she made it look SO TIDY that my mother declared it was a miracle... I could actually see the floor - and everything looked organized for once... I have hired her on a monthly basis for a fiver a tidy and all the tea she can drink...

*happy grin*

Now I'd better go upstairs and prepare for work. I have been falling asleep a lot lately - the obvious and the fact that I've been attempting to cut down on caffeine - actually fell asleep at my desk for 18 mins on tuesday night - the only reason I got away with it was the managers were in a meeting and we were left unsupervised;)

Oh, and my tutor threw a hissy fit Tuesday last week and WALKED OUT OF THE LECTURE. Wish I'd been there to see it... He didn't come back lol!!

The man needs to learn The (teacher's) Sting:

"Those of you who wish to learn may stay in the room. For those of you that clearly don't -

[point at exit]

- there is the door. Please use it if you feel the need."

[uncomfortably long stare - helps if you glaze over a little]

Works every time!!!


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