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Never anything to do in this town... (a futile search for culture)

Shauny and I met at Art College last night but seriously couldn't be arsed.

Neither of us were in the mood for long tedium in the darkroom, and I had a headache, so we went looking for culture on the streets of Plymouth instead.

Did we find any?

Did we fuck!!

We started off in the Union Rooms, where I was on the phone for half an hour, had a coke whilst shauny ate cheesy chips and ciabatta... Then we trundled along past The Bank in the hope that there might be a band on. There was not. We saw a poster for The Damned - who will be playing at the Uni on the 11th Dec... Noted. Then we trolleyed off to the Barbican still desperate for a little sprinkling of culture once again.

The Jazz Cafe was closed. Nowt to do there. There was an old man and a dog in The Cider Press Centre, and no music there either... So we wandered past a fishing boat we'd been laughing at two weeks back. The reason why we were laughing at it before was that it had been 'repaired' with chipboard all over. We *KNEW* it was destined to die.

There it was, half submerged in the harbour, loads of bits of wood floating about it and a big white ring of buoys around to marcate where the edges of the hull were. Hahahaha!!

This satisfied us for all of fifteen minutes, whereupon we resumed our search for culture (or something) in the Barbican Theatre... Crawled up the stairs, hoping for coffee at the top - it was closed.

Sods to it all. We ended up in Cafe Rouge drinking hot chocolate, mocking its faux-poshness as usual, laughing at a couple who thought it was posh enough to ring up and book a table for two in an EMPTY restaurant... Cafe Rouge is a CHAIN - it is NOT POSH!!! It's tantamount to ringing up Maccy D's and demanding a "table for four and happy meals at the ready if you please sirrah" for when you arrive in half-an-hour. Pre-booking MacDonalds? That would make great telephone comedy....

Maybe not.

We were thoroughly bored and uncultured yobs come 8pm, whereupon I hoofed it off to work and saw my first bit of excitement of the day - two lads being bundled into police vans - drunk drivers or something, and sat watching Mastermind and University Challenge in the rec room at work. Shauny went home on the bus.

Ahh well. Today I have slept through college, it is grey and rainy, and I have a lot of catchup to do tommorrow - including an evening in the darkroom lolol!!



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