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On the subject of fearworks...

Imagine the wide-eyed look of panic that a bunny has when caught in car headlights...

That's me on bonfire night that is!!!

*Fearworks* utterly terrify me - used to have to go to school displays when I was little and stand behind glass in the staff room because I was too scared to go outside. I was always frightened by those adverts about them - and panicky-confused about whether or not my jeans should be tucked into my wellingtons or left out in case a rocket landed in them...

These bastards are to blame!!

It wasn't until I was 26 that I held a sparkler - and even that was at arms length, with gloves, and holding my breath in abject horror!!

I think it stems back from a birthday/bonfire party I went to when I was about six. We were all outside, enjoying the display, and a rocket FELL OVER when it went off... We all had to jump sideways into the hedge to avoid it, the display was stopped and we all went in for cake and cocoa... I remember it vividly. That or I'm just a wuss about loud, sudden bangs...


I'm the same with thunderstorms - fine if I'm indoors (if not slightly hyper) but practically wetting myself with fear if it starts when I'm outside:/


For this reason, I am staying INDOORS tonight. I have loud music on in the loft and am attempting some tidying... I am also ill with an ague - yes, the dreaded lurgy has hit me - and am enjoying anadin, benylin and maybe a glass of english mead before I go to bed...

Ho hum. Fearworks are so much SAFER when you are indoors and away from them;)


In Other News

Have slightly edited my userinfo page to include links to the 'How I got Goth' article, and the 'Goth is Dead - Long Live Goth' one... The things I do when I'm bored, eh?

*buggers off upstairs*

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