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Playing Catchup.

I *know* I've been missing from the land of teh interweb for a week - and it feels damn strange to be back!!

I've had a week off work, a week off college, and went to Adrian's party last saturday...and haven't been home since.

Met a really lovely guy who'd come down from London and - well...

Had a week of going out, went to see 'Supersize Me' at the Arts Centre, done the pub thing, the shopping thing, the song-singing/jam thing (he's a session musician and also played gigs in Slimelight etc - plays flute, drums, guitar, piano...used to work in Harrods setting up home audio stuff in peoples houses and has a degree in Theology...!!) the movie-watching at home thing (City of Lost Children and A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell) went to JFKs last night for Halloween and ended up beating 4 people at swordfighting... I had the light sabre, they took turns with a big plastic sword...

He went back at 6.40 this evening...

I'm on cloud 9 - kind of weird and entirely unexpected. He's coming back down a week next thursday and I can't wait!!

*happy grin*

I now have two days to write my essay for college. Oops!!

Anyway... SO sorry I've neglected all my friends on here all week but I'm sure you'll understand. And now I have to go and get ready for going out to the fetish party tonight. Hopefully, pictures will be taken;)

Pics from Friday

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