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I just don't need this.

It's nearly 7am and I've only just got in from work even though we finished at ten to six...

Why?? Because I had to fucking walk all the way home uphill, past the cemetary, along the particularly dodgy at this time of night Mutley area at 6:20am on my own alone.

Why?? Because my fucking regular lift utterly ignored me even though I called to her, got in the car IN FRONT OF ME and drove off after I'd waited twenty minutes after work for her to drop me home.

Just fucking drove off without me without a word!!

WHY?? Because I told her I wasn't able to copy a cd for her that she'd borrowed off Jui-ehh!! because:

a)It's my parents computer and I've never used their cd burner before
b) It's my parents blank cds that I'm not allowed to use and I have no money to buy any...


c) I'm too busy as I have college today and then work as usual and am off all next week.

She's pissed because I said no, so she fucking leaves me to walk home...


Now I've lost an hour of sleep as I would have been home an HOUR AGO - and I *still* have to be up at 12 at the latest for college, with no hope of sleep before nightshift tonight either...


Ok, I've vented. Perhaps a proper post later in the evening after college if I have time:/

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