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Last night was a veritable blast!! Went out at 5pm and met my friends in the pub, then went back to Leon's to decorate the house with balloons for the party...

...we all got VERY drunk, Twinkle was there too...and we ended up doing all the moves to really cheesy party songs like the conga, pizza hut, macarena etc...

Then went to Zero's. Spent most of the night on Twinkle's dancefloor or out on the balcony...lots of fun stuff to dance to...and then spent the rest of the night sitting around downstairs...left at 4am and went back to Leon's...where most people smoked/drank some more...but I fell asleep at a funny angle...OW!

Woke up at 9am and Si dropped me home...went to bed when I got in and slept till 5pm.

Thomas woke me on the phone...has invited me up to his to watch videos and drink wine, but it's pissing down with rain here and I don't know if I shall go...might just stay in and play Eternal Darkness on my Game Cube.

I also have to mend my red rubber Devil wings if I want to take 'em to London next week. I can't wait to go...Si and I have a mission to find him black snakeskin new rocks and go to Electric Ballroom while we're there!! Plus theres the bands in the park...the parade...the parties...AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to decide what to take with me...don't want to be overloaded with baggage on the tube...

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