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The way I see it, I'm pretty much elitist over the 'good old days' - 1980's through to mid 1990's goth stuff - inc. Sisters, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, Joy Division and all that...

I'm more than knowledgeable about all that era, since that was a HUGE part of my teenage years, and so I've listened pretty much exclusively to that stuff right up until now... I've recently been picking out and foraging through newer stuff in a quest to expand my knowledge of 'goth musical history' since then and I'm curious as to what all my friends takes are on this...

Controversial? Your views are much appreciated!!

I've been stuck in a rut since 1994 - apart from keeping up with my old favourites (Nick Cave in particular) - and have pretty much only listened to that old stuff. In my own personal opinion, from the mid-90's onward, the 'elite goth' scene has sort of died and the whole goth machine has branched out - diversified and evolved into many different facets - taking inspiration from the earlier bands that have, and always will be, my elitist favourites. Goth has undergone a (r)evolution since back then - since the 'scene' sort of 'broke up' (at least, for me and in my opinion so don't take my views as gospel) goths have taken other bands under their wing if they purport to have ANY darkness about them...

Suede (the london suede) are a good example of this - they are an indie band - always were - but were jumped upon and swallowed up by the desperate goth community as goth largely due to the darkness of their lyrics and the fact that they all wear black. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Suede - so much so that I've seen them live twice - but they are not goth and never will be.

There have been bands in the mid 90's - Rosetta Stone and London After Midnight in particular who have been popular, but Rosetta Stone were pretty much a 'sisters cover/clone band' (listen to 'An Eye For The Main Chance' and compare it to Floodland etc) and London After Midnight - although I do like them - had a thing of their own that has evolved from Sisters influence...

I know stalwarts like The Cure and Siouxsie are still going along - very well too... Even The Sisters are still gigging - but myself and my friends are of the opinion that they haven't changed their set list since we saw 'them' (Eldritch, random musicians and Doktor Avalanche - the drum machine) back in 1993...

So, the way I see it, since then there have been all sorts of facets that have sprung up from the ashes of the old - cybergoth, the US Deathrock thing (taking its influence from Specimen and all that - even from Screaming Lord Sutch - 1950s musical genius that he was - RIP) and others - all these have developed into their own particular style - all under the same 'goth' banner but separate entities (with their own elitism) in their own right. To put it more succintly, goth does not exist as one easy category anymore.

I've not kept up much with all of this. I'll be the first one to admit I don't have much of a clue about the evolution of 'goth' post 1995 in the USA (due largely to my Nick Cave obsession) and I'm asking now for your ideas, views and reviews on whats going on musically in the US scene. I do listen to KMFDM, DieForm, PIG, Skinny Puppy - general industrial stuff and whatnot - and a fair amount of german stuff (which I think is seriously the way forward) - Lacrimosa, Rammstein, Diary of Dreams, Janus and more... but I have no clue about your actual categorisation in the USA itself and what you, personally, would term 'goth' these days...

What I'm asking for is this: Please would you give me some ideas about what you think goth is now - what you like and what you listen to. I could bang on at distressing length with tidbits, pop trivia and such like from my own personal histoire in the UK - and what's currently going on in the present UK music scene as well (btw, gashinryu - Matt gave me a promo copy of Corrosion's 'Nyaga' - I think it's great... LOVED Sinister Dexter and think it's one of the best tracks on the album - sorry I never got to email that font for the cover but it was on a non-netted comp and couldn't get access:/) - but I'm looking to expand my 'dark horizons' with some more modern schtuf from 'over the pond' as 'twere.

I may be a goth-elitist over the old stuff - as I'll always have a nostalgia for my teenage years - but I can't get stuck in the same era all the sodding time - that would be like your parents listening to the Beatles forever and not appreciating/acknowledging anything new musically since the sixties lol!!

Ok, I'll shut up now - answers on a postcard to 'above the chemist' please;)

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