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Slept too long...


Jui-ehh!! was back at work last night - OH HOW I MISSED HER!!!

(she's been off sick for a whole week - consequently I spent at least half an hour in an attempt to get her to try being vegetarian, since I feel SO MUCH BETTER for it...)

Naturally, we had a LOT of gossip to catch up on - many many many topics - and we didn't stop yabbering loudly ONCE from 10pm to 6am lol!

She never stops for air - and the pair of us together (two geminis) is NOTHING LESS THAN DANGEROUS!

(We have both decided to take our cd players into work tommorrow to give each other some peace now we have caught up on everything)

Oh, and Richard gave me a cd copy of EVERY LEONARD COHEN ALBUM EVER all on one file!!!

He rules!!



CRAPPITY FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I just woke up and have missed my film studies lecture. I'm blaming the fact that I was woken up by banshee screeching at 10am yesterday - my dear mother was picking fights with dad for ANY REASON AND NO REASON WHATSOEVER all day...he could do nothing right (neither could I in fact) so by the time I got to sleep after work this morning I'd been up 22 hours...


(she's still yelling - oh so so so busily doing fuckall - won't have it that its her fault... C'MON YOU STUPID BITCH!!)

Ho hum. Sooner I get out of here and out of Plymouth the better. Hate being stuck at home due to circumstance at thirty - whilst it's a HELL of a lot cheaper, I do have to put up with bleeding ears every other day... Usually I'd avoid it - but I've been in the mood to bite back lately. Not gonna sulk off to my room lol!!

Here's a pic I found that was taken in 1996 when I was 22 years old-ish (I think it might have been 1995 actually, but I'm not sure) - day-to-day lazy clothes and not dressed up for anything...

That lovely little baby white rattigoskis on my shoulder is long since dead...

(word orig. rat > ratty > rattigoskis > goskis > goskonie > goskonian > onie !! - I have weird words for a lot of things, so sue me!)

And wasn't I thin???? *grumble grumble*



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DEFINITION: (noun) someone who bears the blame for others' acts; someone hated for no apparent reason
EXAMPLE: Although Buckner's error was only one reason the Red Sox lost, many fans made him the scapegoat, booing him mercilessly.
SYNONYMS: dupe, target, victim




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