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Been Playing 'Gother Than Thou': I'm Too Elitist for the Elite!!

Net Fun For the Weekend
(otherwise entitled - Is it because I is a BRIT?)

VampGirl is clearly TOO SNOBBY ELITIST to join the_goth_elite...


No idea whatsoever what really possessed me to apply there apart from being severely, dangerously, mindlessly bored... but I've been in the mood for stirring up controversy since the 'cakeygirls' affair on Friday.

I don't know if it’s the weather, my hormones or I'm just feeling poke-till-its-sore-devil's-advocate-eevil at the moment but...


It's been neck and neck for ages - seems to be US vs UK lol!

Well, I should hope the UK goffs know what's goth and what isn't - since we OWN the origin of goth anyway lol!!

(I seem to be *winning* atm - much to the collective chagrin 'over the pond')

As for my 1337 US/CAN H8ters (is that how DA KIDZ spell it?) - I think it's time for you to stop calling yourselves 'elitist goth' and go back to your Faith and the Muse, RasputTWEEna and Tampon Head Tori Anus shit:P

(divide and conquer...)

^*^ Too Elitist for The Elite? ^*^

Read all the nested comments – click ‘thread’… You’ll see what I’m referring to below…

For the record, I'm a Gemini - so being a 'hypocrite' should be second nature, right?

See, one (non-uk) members definition of 'hypocrite' was nothing more than that I purport to be elitist but my curly makeup and boots make me a 'SpookyKid'(!!)...rather than taking my inspiration for my appearance from Neil Gaiman's 'Death', those dancers in the Doctor and the Medics 'Spirit in the Sky' video from waaay back when I was a kid...and, of course, Siouxsie Sioux herself!!


Oh how I larfed!! I larfed and I larfed!!

Don't go commenting about this on *that* actual comm post or my other posts btw (you know the drill) but by all means reply here instead - I'm still waiting for a satisfactory outcome;)

Judge ye not to be ye not judged - and all that...

Apologies to any lj friends and other genuinely nice people who are members and have voted me in thus far - so far it hasn't exactly turned out to be the comm I was hoping for on initial viewing - I simply wanted an old 80's/early 90's elite nostalgia trip where my snotty sarcasm would be taken as humourously as it's intended – like it used to be back in the day...and somewhere EXTRA to post music news, views and advertising – good bands and clubs and the like…

If I get in I *will* have to stick at it for now as there *are* some decent peeps in there who I've found I’d like to chat to *guilt-argh!* - and all gig/club/news promotion is good promotion… but, overall, I really don't know what you lot are doing in what is largely a haphazard nest of vipers - they don't deserve you:/

Btw, what was that thing that my handwriting analysis said on Saturday about me punishing myself with self-directed sarcasm??

Oops! I've done it again...


UPDATE: - kaylin has left (for shame!!)... and I'M *IN*!!! LOLOL!!!
Now it's time for some healthy music discussion and some gentle education...

Yes, I *know* I cannot resist wanting to OWN EVERYTHING - I'm a megalomaniac is all... *shrugs*

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