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She was only sixteen, only sixteen and she was too young to know...

I got into a 'fight' at college yesterday afternoon.

Me, fighting with a sixteen year old - picture it lol!!

See, the 'cakey-girls'(tm) - remember the ones who were in class last week giggling and awwwing over Anthony Perkins - asked the tutor if we could watch Pulp Fiction for their next essay study (I'm doing a scene from Natural Born Killers - much better)... So we spent the afternoon watching it. Most dull.

I could ramble on for hours about the 'wotsinthesuitcaseisitmarsellus'ssoul' stuff and 'hashehadhissoulsuckedoutisthatwhyhewearstheplaster' stuff as well - but I won't. It's boring as fuck and that film has become the biggest STUDENT CLICHE in the world. Yawn!

I digress...

Well, the 'cakeygirls' came loudly into class - uproarious and irritatingly giggly as usual. Told us all that if they were too giggly then we could tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

So I did. Rather harshly in a comedy way. They didn't like my 'tone' lol!

Later on, in the film (which, as you remember, they had requested to watch), they were singing along to the non-diegetic music instead of listening to the dialogue... So I told them to listen to the dialogue rather than sing if they actually wanted to learn/study anything.

They didn't like that...

So later, they had a bitch back when I (in a music-only quiet moment) quietly commented on a couple of Kill Bill pre-film references to one of my 'anti-cakey-league' mates to the right of me...

And I'm thinking "Poor little sixteen year old uppity hormonal lass" as she's squeaking "lets discuss this like adults" at me...

And I'm also thinking...

"LIKE Adults, eh? - Oh one problem with that - I'm ACTUALLY an adult, and you're a poor little sixteen year old trying desperately to BE ONE..."

Bet she had no clue of my age;)




Had a fantastic night at work last night - in charge of the shift, Jackie gave me some sandwiches as I had no food, and my boss gave me a HUGE STICKY DOUBLE CHOC MUFFIN!!


Also drew this, which all the male managers kept wanting to look at lol!:



Kthx shardzz!!

Fookin boss innit m8! Winnah!

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