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I-I-I-I- In the words of the WHITE RABBIT...

I'm late. I'm late, I'm very very late.

No time to say 'Hello Goodbye' - I'm late I'm late I'm late...


Time enough for a quick post methinks - perhaps I can scab a panicky lift from mother when she finishes teaching her piano pupil in the other room hehe...

Time enough to finish my cup of tea then.


Busy enough yesterday too (yes, the repetition of 'enough' is deliberate) - photography and schtuf - couldn't really be arsed, but spent time getting to know the girls on the course (bout 16 yrs old they are) - cue long discussions about favourite male actors and such-like.

I told them about the camera in the lift and how it shows outside the lift to people waiting - and how I've flashed to it 5 times and, disappointingly, nobody's been there to see when I reach ground floor... Now I've a dreadful suspicion they're going to take up the habit too. Oh bugger.

Just 'cause I'm thirty doesn't mean you have to take me seriously...



Work - Despite being up since 6am Monday morning and only an hour and a half's catnap in the afternoon... I survived till 6am on only two plus and two cups of coffee (and a coke in the pub beforehand)... Not tired at all...

Lots of sweets helped though - two lollies and some boiled fruit things that Jackie had brought back from Spain.


Oh, and remember mehdi_caps wrote me a tune a while back for my 'Ophelia Laments' poem...

Y'ere 'tis:

Ophelia Laments
(yes, it's another of my soupy-underwater mixes... but it *is* about washing your hair underwater in the bath lol!)

Head Underwater.
Black hair billows out like a
Mermaid Medusa --
Drowning Ophelia.

Soaked in Vanilla
I'm going under.
Closing my eyes
in the warmth of the water.

Eyes sting soap struck.

Rubbing and rinsing
and cursing my luck I rise --
Venus in bubbles
Surfacing spluttering --

Roughly stirred from my reverie.


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