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IT BURNS!! IT BURNS!!! (The storm appears to have passed)

Daily Gemini Forecast

Quickie: As long as you keep moving, you should be able to dodge this ball.
Overview: You may be wearing your heart on your sleeve, but it won't be an emotional scene you're after. You want chitchat -- the highly interesting kind, and lots of it. It's a cerebral kind of day.

Daily extended (by
Today is being delivered to you gift wrapped and with a sparkly bow on top. You're cutting a swath through the world, leaving blown minds and trembling hearts in your wake. Your reputation precedes you, but you live up to it in every sense. Yes, you really are as awesome as everyone thinks. Leave a record for future generations to understand what you've done. Tonight is a great time to exchange ideas with the intellectuals in your circle of friends.


After being buffeted by heavy rain and gale-force winds all last night, and hiding under my duvet in the loft convinced I was about to take off 'Dorothy-stylee' at any moment, I have awoken at 12 to a bright sunny day (oh gawd, sunglasses time) and am off out to meet Shauny to do the photoshoot of 'people at work' that we were intending to do yesterday.

Yesterday I *almost* finished tidying my room - wooo!!! Only the costume department to sort out now (and a big pile of crap on the floor in the living area)... Looks a whole lot more respectable now, and I CAN SEE CARPET!!

Anywho, I'm meeting Shauny at two-ish in town, then were going to run round like FlashMob Mentalists and off to Art College at 6pm before work... Work as usual till 6am... Then I have to be in for Film Studies tommorrow at 12 lunchtime.

Ack! I'm going to have to re-schedule my timetable for Film Studies, as it's all 9-11 or 11am/12 lunchtime - there are afternoon classes, but I've not been timetabled for them and otherwise it's going to be hellish doing nightshift as well...

Btw, I had the weirdest dream last night - was on stage at theatre and was scheduled to do a piece - took three poems at random from a book (in my dream) which were about valium/heroin etc and did an improv dada performance of all three mixed up and delivered in a scouse accent - all except for the 'Sadette' line, which was delivered in a dodgy french tone (Sade/Sadette) to a terrified woman in the audience...

These are the only three lines I remember:

I am A fix I am a heroin
Coke Dr Pepper Water and Jitters in my Hand
Sadette, will you fry for I need a bang, eh


Ho hum. Best get off the comp and get on with things...

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