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I may be a student now myself, but I'm not about to start behaving like one...

Clara and I really enjoyed seeing SWARF last night - though I felt a bit out of place and old in the Student Union, which was heaving with teenage girls and young shavers... A high percentage of blue denim mini-skirts teamed attractively with brown furry boots - eww!! ...and lads/lasses with 'KRAZY HAIR'(tm) all spiked up and sprayed dorky colours because their mums won't let them bleach it...

"Look, I've spiked my hair - I may be GINGA but I'm still KEWL!!"

Hmm. And I seriously 'dug/digged' those breakdancers too - the ones who were spinning around on the floor like spasticated flipped-over beetles in front of me when SWARF were on their last two songs lol!!

Anyway, I had to ease up a little on the 'I've sprayed my hair - I am now KEWL' comedy banter when my mates showed up later - Adrian (who has always had a bit of the dork in him) got his hair sprayed green like a mouldy skunk all the way down the back... Chris, Sue and Rich were out as well looking 'relatively' normal - if you regard black pvc and shaved sides/grey cyberdog stuff and braids as 'normal'...

But seriously, at least it wasn't hawaiian shirts and luas (as two people I saw were wearing) or a desperate attempt at looking 'punk' at 18 - half of the hair stuck up in a ridiculous black mohawk and the rest just left normal - not even stuck back or anything - with one of those stupid bags that say 'porn' on the side, green ripped tights and a yucky cotton spotty dress teamed attractively with camo print converse trainers...

Doesn't work, doesn't look punk. Just SCREAMS 'STUDEEENNNTTTTT!!!!!' is all...

Down with the kids, I am. Hehe.

Got home about 2am. All I wanted was a nice cup of tea and a piece of toast.

It's times like these that I seriously feel my age lol!!

Anyway, I'm off to tidy my room - mother wants it done...

*stomps off crankily*

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