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In the Meeting room, no-one can hear you scream...

We had a First Aider's meeting last night at work which lasted for an HOUR!! There are about ten of us on night shift who are qualified St.John's Ambylance first aiders (me being one of them) and we got together and decided we should do 'scenarios' once a month to keep our skills up, since the worst we usually have to deal with is paper-cuts lol!

This means we will be using the meeting room downstairs to watch dodgy snuff 'accident at work' movies, wrap each other up in bandages, and pretend to have life-threatening situations. I am probably going to volunteer for the 'fake wound application' section of competitions too hehe...

Told the rest of the group about my life-size severed latex-crafted head - which I've had to move recently from where it hangs by my bed as I keep waking up and thinking there's someone in my room... And that I'm good at making chewed/mangled limbs, as I've done this before for theatre...

Fun Fun Fun!!

In other, less ghoulish, news, I have just rung SWEB and whittled my court-action threatening demand for 504 quid down to payments of 42 quid a month over the next 12 months. Go me!! And missbumpkin rang me earlier - we are going to look at luvverly posh frocks for purchase on Friday (my day off from running about like a loon) hopefully! RAR!!

I get paid tommorrow. First stop - bills, next stop - SHOPPING!!!!
(and then college all afternoon in the library - Psycho research)


You lot are all Pervs!!
(probably no worse than me though...)

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