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Whatever Happened to 'Classix Nouveaux'??

Indeed. 'Is it a Dream?' was such a fantastic song!!

Is it just me who makes a dreadful mess when eating a Pot Noodle with my lipring in?

It was all down my chin when I ate it for lunch at work last night (2am today)... Can't seem to prevent the noodles going all dribbly lol - not pretty!!

Rushed about like a mentalist yesterday - sat in Film Studies for two hours going through the opening 2 scenes of Psycho - discussing camera techniques, different types of cuts, mise-en-scene etc. Most of the class seemed to not want to be there - except for a couple of girls, one of which afterwards told me I was better than the tutor (blush) - I'd been explaining/pointing out things throughout, y'see - the change from white handbag/white underwear before taking the money to black handbag/black underwear when she had, the usage of mirrors in decision-making scenes throughout the film, explaining 'eyeline' shots as 'first person' for the kids in the class who didn't understand what the tutor was trying to explain - he himself hadn't heard of first/third person...wha???

I'm honestly trying to button my lip and let the rest of the class answer/work it out for themselves, but when you are sat for 5 mins in silence whilst the tutor stares at a pupil unblinkingly for five mins waiting for an answer that isn't forthcoming I'm finding it really hard NOT to do a 'E-E-E-Everybody knows that, Geoffrey!'.

Ho hum. Ran for the bus at 5pm, ran to the Art College for photography at 6pm, met Shauny, we had to do all the induction stuff again (this is the darkroom, this is the store *yawn - hello again Luke*). Our project (to be processed and completed by 29th Nov) is 'People At Work'. Shauny and I are off on a photoshoot day on Sunday (weather permitting) - we shall find workmen and make them do the Safety Dance - Oh Yes!!

Finished at 8:30ish, wandered up to work via the train station, where we were both tempted to say blah-to-it-all and jump on a train to London... Sat listening to music all night at work - on an old 80's kick of compilation cds - schooldaze nostalgia ahoy!!

At one point, I was listening to Culture Club: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? and imagining Churchill (the dog) going 'Oh yes, Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh YES' and nodding throughout...

Got a lift home with Liz at 6am, fell into bed and slept the sleep of the dead. Chloe was on my bed for ages - her sorely paw is better now and no longer bandaged.

Still have things to do, people to see. Some things can wait till tommorrow though - and I have to go SHOPPING - DVD sale in Virgin - *squeals*

*need coffee/toast/coffee*

I think Clara is coming up later to discuss coursework - who knows?

And, at the request of vashe, I have decided to spend the next few nights at work re-working and illustrating HAIRY HARRY as a black gel roller inky children's story a la Mr. Men;)

Will give me something to do during 'eye-breaks' and when I'm on Duty Obs all night on Wednesday - I always get told off for doodling on the stats sheets anyway!!

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