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Bleary Blarg Bleurgh!!

Daily Gemini Forecast

Quickie: Squinting won't help. Things are just blurry. Close your eyes and look again.
Overview: Go ahead and sleep late. You won't miss anything -- unless you sleep past dinner. At that point, someone sexy, interesting and adept in several languages could come along. Don't you dare miss it.

Last night - aaaargh!! Met wildgift93 outside The Nowhere and we went round to The Woodside for drinks. Had far too many rum and cokes, chatted to Dan (from Denada), Karen, Kev (looks like Dr. Fox, but he's actually a producer for Radio Devon lol) and a few other people whose names I forget. Kev and I were having a ridiculous Hitchcock/Anton La Vey/artsyfuck discussion and flapping our hands about like idiots.

We all trundled drunkenly up to Black Catz at about 11pm, where I met up with matthewnorth, Martin, strangepixel, Julie, Maff, Lah and Emma, adorable_dibble, Ali, Si, the gorgeous bringmestars, genexxa and all the rest. Had a good night discussing music projects, film things and stuff and got rather drunk...

Ali and I have decided we need to meet up sometime and have a proper discussion of greek classics, mask theatre and the similarities with tarot deck archetypes (she's teaching classics at an all girl's school these days - was Morgana in Excalibur after I left in 1993!!)... and at the end of the evening I had to remove a girl's contact lenses for her - some 18 year old wearing those silly filmy patterned things who said 'you can do it for me every month' when I removed them with no trouble after someone else had tried for 20 mins lol *groan*

Got home about 3am, rotten sinus headache - didn't wake up till 1.30pm.

Parents are off out to the caravan, and I have laundry on and have to tidy my room. Maff is coming up later to have a go on my bass guitar and stuff.

Oh, and matthewnorth - I have emailed you my attempt at the gothy/african album cover for Corrosion - how's this?


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