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Slept too long...(must have been tired!)


If anyone has tried to ring me and left me a voicemail, I can't access it, and I can't ring you back as my mobile has been 'restricted' to texts and recieving calls only.

Dammit!! It's only four days to pay day and they shouldn't have done this as they'd guaranteed that I had until 4th October to pay the rest of the arrears. Going to have to ring them on Monday (along with SW Water) and sort this out.

I *am* going out tonight to Black Catz, only I just woke up at 6:30, bit frazzled, have a headache and am going to have a long hot shower, so I can't go to play mortal_immortal as intended.

Yesterday was hectic as usual - didn't get back from college till about half twelve after staying up after work, slept till tea-time... Spent all night at work listening to 'Lyre of Orpheus' and had a real lump in my throat and tears in my eyes come 6am. Good music should come with a health warning 'WILL MAKE YOU SNIVEL' lol!! I think too much when I listen to Nick Cave, and ended up pondering on the last few years and what I might have done with them. Oh dear. Time for a bit of 'Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Jugulem' I think...

Got my college timetable this morning, and Monday is going to be fun - not only do I have to sort out bills by phone, I have to be in for 2.45pm till 4.45pm for a Film Studies lecture and then I'm off to my Intermediate B/W photography class from 6pm to 8:30pm before work...

Can you buy caffeine injections over the counter? I need them for my eyeballs...

Ok, that's me done. Will post properly tommorrow.

Pinched from incantrix_uk:

Your Porn Star Name is: Tight Cherry


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