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Now that's another fine mess I've got me into...

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DEFINITION: (adjective) having two or more possible meanings.
EXAMPLE: The phrase, 'Let's table that discussion' is ambiguous; some think it means, 'Let's discuss it now,' while others think it means, 'Let's save it for later.'
SYNONYMS: questionable, unclear, vague

Now there's a phrase I've NEVER heard before!!!

Table-ing??? *bemused*



Does anyone know the telephone number of those two women off the telly who come round with rubber gloves on and tidy up your house for you? You know the show, where they go in and 'tch tch' at the state of the place before getting to work making it look like a show-home??

The programme in question is 'How Clean is Your House?' and I NEED THOSE LADIES!!

My room is a total tip - my organisation skills are something to be wondered at; I started a major 'sort-out' last week with good intentions and a grand plan to empty all boxes onto the floor and then have a box for storage, a box for 'putting out/display', a box for 'car boot' and a bin bag (or three) for the dustmen.

I only got as far as emptying all the boxes out on the floor - that was a week ago and no progress has been made.



I suppose I'd better give the tidying a go before the weekend - the 'POSH PICNIC' seems to be going ahead - I suggest everyone meet at mine at about 11:30am so we can all go together??

bringmestars and missbumpkin both know where I live and perhaps can collect/organise the rest to meet here too... wildgift93 has offered to make scones, I shall be providing victoria sponge, cloth, lashings of ginger beer and a few other things...

We absolutely MUST have cucumber sandwiches - white bread with the crust cut orf... Any further suggestions as to what we should pack in our hamper/carrier bags will be greatly appreciated;)

(this doesn't give you scope to be rude - I know how your filthy brains work...same as mine hehe!)

Ok, need coffee - going to go and stare nonchalantly at the rubble that is my room before procrastinating, telling myself I can do it on Sunday and getting back into bed to read Harry Potter;)




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