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Caffeine, Hi!!

Gemini Horoscope Quickie: The tape loop in your brain isn't helping matters. It's time to hit the 'stop' button.


I had only slept three and a half hours yesterday - so by the time I got to work last night I was already very tired and ready to drop.

I lost my resolve and started back on the Pro-Plus...

There is one problem with this - Pro-Plus don't work so well on me anymore... Caffeine doesn't in general. Coffee sends me to sleep, Coca-cola makes me giggly-drunk without the alcohol, and Pro-Plus give me a happy half-hour and then fall asleep again if I follow the guidelines on the box...

I suspect there is only one reason for this - and that's something to do with the entire year of speed abuse when I was in the second year of my A-Levels in 1991/2. I can barely remember that year and had to over-use Pro-plus in order to force myself off the stuff:/

So last night I had a cupful of cola and one pro-plus (chewed) on the hour every hour from 10pm until about 3am. Of course, I was wide awake and no longer sleepy - but I was very very hyperactive - and the last three hours after lunch I talked far too much.

It was a very good night - for starters we had to judge the entries for the MDEC 'Art' competition - this had me giggling for a couple of hours after as the stuff submitted was so appalling - even the better stuff wouldn't have gone amiss in Tony Hart's Gallery submitted by a fairly talented 10 year old. Ho hum - I didn't enter anyway and this merely justified for me the feeling I had that I'd be wasting my time - some of the entries looked like they'd got their kids to do them, and others were clearly photoshop manipulations that had gone into the 'painting and drawing' category.

In a word, laughable.

Discussion after lunch took the form of ancient egypt, potential for space travel/ancient civilisation/aliens/stargate theory, egyptians populating ireland and more...

And then moved on to MDEC conspiracy theory - that Lockheed Martin are databasing every address in the UK/world as our system learns places (which it does) so that the ministry of defence/superpowers can keep track of every individual and potentially know where all the 'dangerous' ones are. I see a lot of famous names every week - it doesn't take a moron to know that our system is in the process of forming databases for placenames/postcodes and it would be easy to pinpoint an individual simply by tag ID of the photographed image of the address sent to our screens.

Once again, I think I'd better shut up now.

Needless to say my buzzy-pro-plussy conversation took a further downward spiral at 5am and for the last hour we discussed pr0n and MUCH WORSE... And I was ridiculously giggly in the car on the way home.

I've slept until 4pm now, so I'm having a cup of tea and am going to take it easy tonight;)



HAPPY BIRTHDAY aimlessdesire!!!


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