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I only went in for a diary and some change for the bus...

Oh whoops!!

I just got back from town (after going to college) with a bagful of dvds...

I only intended to go in The Works to buy a new diary, as mine has practically fallen apart - but there was a 4 dvds (two titles per dvd) for a fiver thing going on and lots of dodgy b-movies on the shelf.

Just LOOK at what I came away with...

DVD 1: Graduation Day / A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (Troma - "Where the prehistoric meets the prepubescent"!)

DVD 2: Alien Blood / Shadow Chaser - The Gates of Time

DVD 3: Hercules in New York / Vampire Clan

DVD 4: The Fanatic / Dead Awake

Oh dear oh dear... Well at least those will keep me going for a while!!

Let's just call them 'research' shall we? I know my exam paper is going to be on Scottish Cinema - but hey!! All film watching is good, right??


Hands up who's up for a 'POSH PICNIC' up at the Punx Picnic on Saturday???

Providing the weather is ok, I intend to be dressed up uber-goth, and take a checkered tablecloth, cucumber sandwiches, victoria sponge and lashings of ginger beer up to the Hoe with me... Anyone want to share? Three of you, one of me - I say it's Pimms o'clock!!


Ok, I clearly haven't had enough sleep - I'm going a bit dotty again... Got home from work at 6:30am and was up again at 11 to go to college. Think I need a bit of a lie-down.

Hooble Toodle Doo!!

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