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Two nights out in a row?? Dirty little stopout!!

It is raining and I am contemplating whether or not to haul my ass down to the B-Bar for the bands... It's on till 7pm - I might blag a lift down at 3 or something.

Yesterday afternoon missbumpkin came over, we had a rummage through a ton of my 'old' (some of them had only been worn twice and I got bored) clothes for her to take away. I'm trying to 'minimalise' my wardrobe down to maybe ten of each similar item? 10 ballgowns, 10 skirts, 10 strappy tops, 10 corset tops, 10 t-shirts, etc etc - you get the picture... AAAAA!!! My mother showed us 'Throw Rocks At Boys' and I got rather scared by the evil giggling that erupted from missbumpkin as she played it. Boys, be afraid - be VERY AFRAID!!

Later on, after missbumpkin had gone home, Simon came over with Marian to introduce me to her before we went to Black Catz - turns out all the people I hung out with she thought were the 'goth elite' (we were) and it was us lot who wouldn't let 'her lot' (the trothics) sit up with us behind the DJ in 'Studio' lol!!

(I feel bad... My lot were all the old 'Academy' bunch, and remember when 'Studio' opened and we went we sorta 'owned' it. Oops!)

Surprising what a difference of ONE YEAR in age/what club you went to made back in the late eighties/early nineties of gothdom...

Anyway, we went down to 'Black Catz' at 9:30, and I sat on door pretty much all night - though I got up to dance to quite a few things, inc. the traditional fall-over-at-end-of-timewarp and the sister's moves, pretending to drive to 'Cars', doing the 'spooky hand dance' for 'Fade to Gay'(TM) - was mostly alienfox and I being total idiots actually...


Was a damned good turnout - absolutely packed even at such short notice. Not going to bother listing lj names as it would mostly be a repeat of Friday nights turnout plus Emma, Lah, Matrix Si, Nick, Keith (Gappy)...blah blah blah...

At the end of the night, Simon and I went driving (midnight minge-ing) all round town and along the Hoe in Jessica (his red ford escort)... Roof down, Sisters/Ministry/NIN blaring out... Went for garlic mayo potatoes and dropped a couple of people home then sat on the hoe for a bit, went past Zeros twice and then I got dropped home.

Didn't disturb the parents this time - found my own room...and was woken by my kitty at 10:30 as she wanted a twenty minute conversation of 'mraow maow' before she got on the bed. Now I find that Alexander is here so I'm most certainly going to try to escape at some point this afternoon...

Ho hum. Need coffee.

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