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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

Finally I am awake - bit crumpled and makeup all over but hey!

Coming back in last night I had the misfortune to open the wrong door upstairs - there are three in a row and some bugger had turned off the light in my loft stairwell so I couldn't tell which was mine (the middle one)... Utterly misjudged it and walked into my parents bedroom at 1:30 in the morning. AAAAAAAA!!!!

Thankfully they thought it was funny.

Well, what happened last night??

alienfox's leaving do. Oh my god what a night... missbumpkin and wildgift93 came over to mine first and we wrapped him a present of baby oil, KY Jelly and condoms to take to Camberwell with him on Monday...

Then dad dropped us down to Goodies and we got slightly drunk... adorable_dibble was there with discordic_frog, bringmestars, incantrix_uk, strangepixel, another lovely girl I was chatting to whose lj tag ID I can't remember, spiralweaver, James (LOVED the Cher karaoke, sorry I deafened you joining in on the chorus), Shadow...and a ton of other people...

We got a bit silly in Goodies, and then went along to the Clarence to get even sillier as Twinkle (our wonderful Zeros tranny dj) (The Clarence is a gay pub) was doing the music - did some stupid dancing, someone spilt a drink...we continued. Met up with some more people inc. Debbie and Dan and then staggered our way round to 'JFK's (or is it 'c102/3' now? - can't keep up... I still refer to 'Voodoo Lounge' as 'Charlies'!!).

Oh GOD - JOJO turned up in c103 to say hello/goodbye to Foxy. AAA!!! Met up with more people I know who I haven't seen in ages because I can't get out on a Friday due to work (TM). Danced a bit, the music was shit (crap rock club - but Bon-fucking Jovi??? NO!!!!) and a lot of people buggered off early. alienfox and I got a taxi home at 1 in the morning, and sat outside in the rain talking for ages before it arrived.




Anyway, missbumpkin is coming over in about an hour, and I have to ring Simon as we are all going out to Black Catz tonight. I'm doing door so I have to be there before everyone else at about 9-ish.

Better go and wake up properly.

*fuzzy head in need of tea*

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